Chip Programming Software


PIM PAC programming software  v.1 8

PIM PAC programming software is a PIM Series 2&3 software for PAC decoders developed by Nidac Security.

The Codes menu allows the codes to be cleared, all set to disabled, momentary or toggle for outputs 1 & 2 or bulk added via the PIM.

The ...

9000 M2 Series Programming Software  v.1 2

When using the 9000M2 programming software, TOA recommends the use of a PC with a built-in RS-232 communication port using a straight through RS-232C cable. USB to RS-232 adapters are often unreliable.
GUI Software and Firmware for the 9000 Series ...


Saitek SST Programming Software  v.

These are the drivers and software for Saitek products. Some products here do not have driver downloads as they use either a driver that is in the list already in Windows (gameport-connected products) or use a driver that Windows installs for you when ...

ChipBlasterAVR  v.2 1

Universal In-System AVR Chip Programming software, compatible with the Atmel STK500, STK501, STK502, STK600, AVRISP (serial), AVRISP MkII (USB), AVR Dragon, JTAGICE MkII, Atmel AVR910 application note, Kanda Systems STK200 and STK300 development boards, ...

VX-6 Commander BETA  v.0.1

VX-6 Commander BETA is a programming software tool for the Yaesu VX-6 and VX-6R. VX-6 Commander BETA has a variety of functions some of which are: Read/Write to the radio, Edit/Move/Cut/Copy/Paste main memory channels, scan edge memories, Edit Direct ...

ARC2000 for AOR SR2000/2000A  v.1 3

ARC2000 is dedicated PC programming software for the AOR SR2000(A) frequency monitor.

- ARC2000 is compatible with the AOR SR2000 SR2000A model
- Conventional frequencies import option
- Paste Frequencies DIRECTLY ...

XU Setup  v.1.20.01

XU is an universal input transmitters programming software.

The XU Universal Input Transmitters Programming software has the following necessary features like :

-Easy user programming using USB connection.

-No power required ...

Programmator for Panasonic KX-TD1232/816/308  v.1.29.30

Panasonic KX-TD1232/KX-TD816/KX-TD308 Programming Software for Windows. Easy understandable interface, full compatibility with any version of PBX firmware, built-in installer's help ...

Network Programming Gear  v.

Network Programming Gear is a socket programming software that lets you easily and automatically build TCP-based or UDP-based network protocol source code for client and server sides. It can generate demo source code and gives you a tutorial about how ...

TiPivotDisplay  v.

TiPivotDisplay is a programming software for Pivot Display. As an alternative to the physical configuration done directly on the device TiPivotDisplay the customisation of the device by PC.

Seven languages are available: Italian, French, Flemish, ...

Interface Cable Tester  v.1.0.1

If the cable won't pass this test, then it definitely won't work with any of the Commander software. This test is also a feature of VX-2 Commander, and I will eventually be integrating this into my other radio programming software as well.

TiSecurityBasic  v.1.0

TiSecurityBasic for PC is a programming software for the anti burglar system control units.
By using TiSecurityBasic it is possible to copy one's control unit configuration and send it to all the other control units without setting up the working ...

TiMultimediaInterface  v.1. 2. 1952

TiMultimediaInterface is a programming software for interface 3465.

The Multimedia Interface is a set top box that allows the completely control of the My-HOME system throught a radio remote control and a TV thanks ...

ARC XT  v.0.08.0037

ARC XT is THE preferred and best selling programming software for the Uniden XT series, ARC-XT-PRO adds powerful data logging, digital audio recording and a fantastic bandscope!

Main features:

- ARC-XT supports the following scanner ...

ARC XT for Uniden XT series  v.0.08.0034

ARC XT is THE preferred and best selling programming software for the Uniden XT series, ARC-XT-PRO adds powerful data logging, digital audio recording and a fantastic bandscope!
ARC-XT supports the following scanner models: BCD396XT , BC346XT , BCD996XT ...

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