Chess Explorer Program


Chess clock E

The world chess championship is being held in Bangkok. Chessbase European Site. ChessBase is a multi-featured chess database program. Internet gaming community offering free multi-player games, downloadable games and games clubs. Also news, reviews, demos, ...

Brainless  v.0.1.2

A chess-playing program written in ANS Forth. Uses the Forth terminal for interacting with the user. Can make use of ANSI color terminals and Utf-8 chess-piece glyphs for quasi-graphical display.


Internet Explorer Password Recovery Program  v.5.0.1

IE password recovery program restore all password form any website where auto login is enabled i.e. remember password option is selected and you are able automatically login to email account without entering your password. IE Password Recovery Program ...

HIARCS chess engine  v.12.1

HIARCS is clearly the strongest chess software for Apple Macintosh computers. We have combined this engine with the latest high quality Sigma Chess 6.1.4 GUI to produce the strongest and best featured chess software for the Apple Macintosh.This gives ...

OST File Explorer  v.5.2

That's why you desire best software so can visit at Enstella site and use OST File Explorer software which is made with high technique method this outlook PST explorer software quickly works on your corrupt OST file and smoothly repair OST file outlook ...

Export EDB to PST  v.8.5

Through this EDB file explorer program you can easily export emails from exchange server with all emails metadata to, bcc, cc, date, time and subject etc. Exchange EDB file converter tool can perfectly scan EDB errors and carefully open EDB file into ...

DwgGrid for AutoCAD  v.

DwgGrid for AutoCAD is a Windows Explorer like browser for all AutoCAD type files. DwgGrid provides printing abilities of the drawing preview image, file listings and the directory tree structure. DwgGrid also creates Web pages of the preview images for ...

Mancala in C  v.0.1.0

Mancala is a GPL'd, ANSI C-based implementation of the ancient African game of Mancala (also called Awari), an abstract mathematical game in the same manner as chess. The program is available in graphical and text versions.

Web ScreenSaver Builder  v.6.0

Permanent internet connection is not necessary because the software can work in offline mode and display pages from Internet explorer cache.
When displaying remote Web pages, computer does not have to be online. Program has offline option that ...

GTweak  v.1.61

Program is indicated for advanced users. You must pay fee, if You want to use it for commercial purpose(s). Furthermore, users may not use GTweak, unless they have been accepted the following license terms:First of all, GTweak [hereinafter program] is ...

Chess program  v.rc.alpha.0.0.3

Java chess programm. Main goal is to develop an object orientated program with simple and well documented interfaces. A major point is how to handle endgame situations.

Chess Hero  v.2. 3. 2001

The program can be configured to work with multiple chess engines, and supports both the XBoard and UCI engine protocols.

The program picks random positions from the PGN files and challenges you to guess the best move computed by a chess engine.

Haundrix Chess  v.0.1

Haundrix Chess is a free open source chess program that can be used for playing against your computer and for viewing/editing your PGN files.
Main features:
- cool move animations and sound effects,
- a sleek user interface with smart one-click ...

Reset Internet Explorer

Is your Internet Explorer having problems? Crashing, slow? Try Reset Internet Explorer, a FREE program which will reset Internet Explorer back to its original settings, fixing most problems. Give it a try, its free!

Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer

"Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer" (IEPRE) recovers logins and passwords to web sites and also deletes and restores the Internet Explorer Content Advisor password. The software has an easy-to-use interface. Just open the program IEPRE and ...

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