Celsius To Farenheit


Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter  v.1.0

Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter help you convert Celsius to Fahrenheit with just a click.Requirements:
* Java ...

Bed Bug Bites  v.1

Bed Bug bites is small software to convert celsius to farenheit. Sponsored by bedbugbitesusa.com ...


Student Financial Aid Direct Loans  v.1.0

A free celsius to farenheit - farenheit to celsius converter brought to you by http://www. thestudentloansite. com/student_financial_aid. htm . This coverter is simple to operate. Just enter in the temperature you need to covert, farenheit or celsius, click ...

Convertor  v.

Convertor is used for basic conversions like celsius to farenheit etc..This is a five in one convertor.

Info-Pack.com Cel2Fah

Convert Fahrenheit to CelsiusConvert Celsius to Fahrenheit ...

Super Conversor  v.1.0

A simple tool to convert units like Celsius to Fahrenheit, inches to centimeters, miles to kilometers, yards to centimeters, feet to centimeters, pounds to kilograms and reverse operations. Do not need installation and it is a time saver for quick conversions.

Tempreture Converter  v. Beta

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa. Tempreture Converter is an software which allows the user to convert C to F or F to C and uses a friendly GUI to interact with the user.Tempreture Converter Features:
1. Easy to use
2. Fahrenheit to ...

Temperature  v.

Converts from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.
You can enter value between -500 to 1500.
Button "±" add or delete sign "-" from value.

TempratureConverter  v.

Convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit and from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

WeatherSimplified  v.

-crashing issue related to swiping/touching is fixed
-multiple locations glitch that shows 2x current temp fixed
- Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion now updates all temps properly
-fixed gps image
-added privacy policy to info page
Added ...

Convertions  v.

Convertor is the application which converts temperature from Celcius to Farenheit and Kilogram to Pound according to user input.

IBM - Hitachi Feature Tool  v.2.15

- Show Drive Temperature - shows the current drive temperature in Celsius and Farenheit.

Instant Unit Converter  v.

it can easily converts measurement values into other measurement units (such as: Kilometers to Miles , Kilograms to Pounds , Celsius to Fahrenheit and many other conversions ) , These conversions are grouped by categories (such as: Time,Lenth, volume,and ...

Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

Have you ever had a problem converting from fahrenheit to celsius? Worry no more! With Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter your troubles are over. With simple sliding action you can see answers instantly!

Best Weather and To Do Lock Screen  v.1.0

This is absolutely the best and most useful app for those how forget :-) Beautiful Lock Screens With Weather, To-Do, Reminders, and More! Special Features: Display Weather Within The Lock Screen In Fahrenheit or Celsius Set To Do List Reminders For Up ...

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