Canon Resizing Pictures


Web Image Converter

Web Image Converter is an Internet Explorer addin for resizing pictures. It helps you upload images quicker. It also prevents problems with images being to large. The free version of Web Image Converter places a "Converted by" watermark on converted images.

AG PhotoResizer  v.

A simple tool used for resizing pictures. Parameters can be accurately adjusted.
AG PhotoResizer integrates into the Pictures Hub as an "extra".


Sollic Solutions Image Resizer  v.1.04

It can resize pictures or any kind of images (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, ICONS). This image resizing software can be used to resize small or even huge amounts of pictures.


- Resize from almost any picture format
- Convert ...

Batch Picture Resizer  v.4.0.4

Also, resizing pictures manually, one by one, is vast a lot of time, especially when you have dozens, let alone thousands of images that need converting. One solution to the problem is a powerful little user-friendly application called Batch Picture ...

AKVIS Magnifier

The program enlarges digital pictures to super-high resolution. Whether creating poster-size images or adding resolution for a better printing quality, Magnifier will make your enlarged image look crisp and clear. It is available as a stand-alone application ...

JpegSizer  v.

Resizing typically involves reducing pixel dimensions and adjusting the JPEG quality to achieve a desired file size.
JpegSizer is an impressive file size reduction software without losses in picture quality
JpegSizer allows you to achieve ...

Rasco Image Resizer for Mac  v.1.1

Rasco Image Resizer is a powerfull tool for mass processing of pictures stored in the directory. It utilizes a RAPID technology (Resize All Pictures In a Directory) which aims for development tool that rapidly encreasy work eficency. Features: 1. Pictures ...

PictureRiver  v.

With this screensaver, even inexperienced users can turn pictures and digital photos into a memorable slideshow screensaver that will become an object of envy to others. The library of transition effects is being continuously updated, ensuring this screensaver ...

QuickResizer  v.2.0.1

With all the digital photos that you capture using your digital camera, don't you wish there were a quicker way of resizing them with a click of the mouse before you upload them to a server or email them to your friends or relatives?

A typical ...

AutoWin Photo Resizer  v.3.0

AutoWin Photo Resizer is a program which helps you resize, convert and compress your photos with extremely easy to use wizard user interface.

If you want resize your photos to bigger or smaller pixel resolution, or convert your photos between ...

Minhs Free PhotoResizer  v.1.61

You can also optionally skip resizing pictures that are already smaller than the desired size. The utility retains EXIF meta-data tags in digital photos and supports JPG/PNG/Bitmap and GIF files ...

Phone Wallpaper X  v.1.3.3

The application includes an easy graphics editor for cropping and resizing pictures and gallery with users wallpapers. Uploading of wallpapers can be effected in batch mode. You can enhance your photos with Core Image filters and flip or rotate them.

ISlimPhoto  v.1.1

iSlimPhoto is a handy Mac utility that creates a slim version of your BIG iPhoto library by resizing pictures from their multi-megapixel resolution down to the actual resolution of your Mac's display. • No need for all those megapixels Take with ...

Recover Pictures from Canon Camera  v.

People often take the pictures to keep their memories forever and refresh their old memories after some days that captured on various occasions including wedding, birth day, college farewell, on trip occasions, and many more events. Once those wonderful ...

Tool to Recover Canon CR2 Files  v.

Did you lose Canon camera files because of third party application? Don't get frustrated!!! Tool to Recover Canon CR2 Files software is the eminent software which can regain files that missed on Canon digital camera due to third party application, memory ...

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