Camera Positions


CCTV Design Lens Calculator  v.1.0

The CCTV Lens Calculator will help you: Select lenses, resolutions and camera positions for proper design of CCTV systems. Calculate projections of the field of view in order to draw them on the location plan. The projections are calculated in 3D coordinate ...

VideoCAD Professional  v.8.00

* Select right CCTV camera positions to get required coverage areas of the cameras as well as person detection, identification and car plate reading zones.
* While calculating camera view areas the shadows from obstacles on the scene can be ...


ECover 3D  v.2.0

Then, in 3D view mode you can create amazing results including rotating your ecover to any angle, adjusting camera positions, changing lighting effects, complete scaling and reflection.

Esquimo  v.

Main features:
-User friendly GUI
-Superlight file size
-12 built in easy customizable geometry objects
-dynamic and static lights, divided into point and directional
-3 kind of cameras: free camera, target camera and photo target ( used to navigate among predefined camera positions )

EBook Cover Software  v.2.0

Then, in 3D view mode you can create amazing results including rotating your ecover to any angle, adjusting camera positions, changing lighting effects, complete scaling and reflection. We have also added some very exciting new effects. The professional ...

Drishti  v.2.0

Camera path
7. Clip plane animation
8. Streamline animationVector Data Sets:
* Interactive Streamline generation and renderingRendering and Shading:
1. User defined glsl-shader scripts for rendering and shadowing
2. User controlled ...

Image Properties for Camera Phones

This is a utility designed to read EXIF information of JPEG images captured by camera phones. Several information that can be read using this utility are: file name, file size, phones brand, phones model, date and time, orientation, exposure, exposure ...

Digital Camera Buying Guide RSS

Makes buying your next digital camera simple.

Digital Camera Fish Fighter

The last best hope to save a dying and repugnant universe is you and your super galactic comma inducing digital camera. Only by stunning the creatures and preserving them in a twitching comma state will the universe survive. Let your instincts and mega-megapixels ...

Digital Camera Photos Recovery  v.

Digital Camera Photos Recovery program can be used to restore any format of missing pictures, audio and videos like wav, midi, jpg, jpeg, gif, avi and png. Image retrieval software can also used to repair damaged media files of digital camera. Picture ...

Camera Picture Recovery Software  v.

Are you tensed of how to relocate misplaced digital stills from crashed camcorder device? Use affordable Camera Picture Recovery Software that empowers novice user to bring back anniversary albums from logically crashed specialty camera and save it on ...

Best digital camera

us - If you're looking to buy a new digital camera, you don't really have to be an expert in pixels and mega pixels and all that kind of stuff. If you expect to find that kind of deep technical discussion here, you're in the wrong place.

Camera lenses - Your lens is an essential element to good photographs. It's not just your camera. People spend thousands of dollars on a good camera and neglect the lens. Change that around! Make sure you buy a good camera lens when purchasing a camera.

Camera Card Recovery Software  v.

Camera Card Recovery Software is easily available at to rescues all lost, missing, deleted files from major brands of digital camera memory card. Card Restoration application retrieves accidentally deleted digital photograph from virus infected ...

Restore Digital Camera Picture

Digital camera photo restore utility recovers damaged folders from logically corrupted digital storage devices. Digital camera data retrieval tool recovers photo from the digital storage devices for which system generated error occurs. Digital camera ...

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