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Rovers on Mars Screensaver

Here is our pick of forty-two of the best pictures from the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) mission. Spirit and Opportunity have revealed geologic formations never before seen, and have confirmed that Mars had at least one salty sea in the distant past.

Mars Lander

In this game you need to control a spaceship and land it on a designated spot on Mars. Use the arrow keys to turn on engines from different directions to control the spaceship. There are limited fuel so you can only use the engines for a limited number ...


Escape From Mars Starring Taz  v.1.0

Taz in Escape from Mars puts you in the role of the Tasmanian Devil, the spinning, slobbering, but overall lovable cartoon character. You have been kidnapped from Earth and caged in a zoo on Mars and are being held there by Marvin the Martian. Spunky ...

Mars Escape Game  v.1.0

Mars Escape is a two-player game designed to gather data about human teamwork, social interaction and communication.

It is designed to make robots smarter! Each player can take on the role of an astronaut or a robot on Mars.

The ...

Mars EVA Computing Environment  v.0.0.1

Mars Eva Computing Environment is a JMF, JINI project that is used to provide a collaborative mission planning & execution environment for furture teams on Mars. This effort is part of a simulation for the Mars Society of Australia.

Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions

The player starts out at a resort on Mars ...

URL Decode Filenames

jpg" to normal filenames like "Man On Mars.jpg" on your hard drive or local network.


Specify multiple folders to process
Recurse all subfolders
Test mode only
Logs changes
Undo option
Saves all settings ...

Professor Green Screen  v.1.07C

Put the studio shots of your subject on the beach, at their favorite vacation spot, or even on Mars! There is no limits to how you can mix and match and merge your photographs. Chroma keying has been around for over 50 years, you see the weather man ...

VX-7 Commander  v.1. 3. 2004

If you own the VX-7R transceiver, which is the first amateur handheld to be submersible, you may wish to modify it to enable transmission on MARS and CAPS frequencies. You can do this in two ways, using a hardware method or a software method. Using the ...

ConverTable Planets X  v.1.7

ConverTable Planets is designed to answer that age-old question, "if a widget weighs 34 stones on Earth, just how many troy ounces would that widget weigh on Mars?" In doing so, ConverTable Planets could be used to teach about unit conversions and gravity.

Planet Mars 3D Screensaver

Mars has always fascinated people. Its red, fiery appearance is mysterious and intriguing. Many sci-fi stories talked about the ancient race of Martians. In fact with new data coming from space probes, a growing number of scientists now believe that life ...

Fine Arts Brochures

Design custom, professional brochures, flyers and booklets quickly and easily. Insert multiple clips from a single photo, and adjust the colors, brightness and scale of each clip separately. Insert any shape - lines, arcs, circles, stars, polygons, or ...

Agapito's crazy adventure  v.

Agapito has won a trip for two people during two weeks, in a heavenly island (included expenses).

Agapito founds a voucher for a trip inside a corn flakes packet, he takes his baggage and his Sundays handbag with his identity card, his French bowl card and all his savings for incidental expenses, and he embarks on this adventure in a ...

3D Route Builder  v.

synch with video)
* Playback in real-time
* Remove ads from playback
* Off-line playback
* Helicopter tracking of playback
* Altitude editing
* Altitude versus distance profile
* Altitude versus time profile
* Correct barometric drift
* Smoothing of altitude profiles
* Maximum number of points
* Open route from url
* Import Google Earth KML/KMZ
* Import Garmin Training Center TCX
* Import GPS Exchange (GPX)
* Export Google Earth KML/KMZ
* Export Garmin Training Center TCX
* Export GPS (GPX)
* Export Salite, CSV, Pro-Cycling Manager XML
* Edit and save existing Google Earth KML/KMZ
* Edit and save existing Garmin Training Center TCX (Course)
* Edit and save existing GPS (GPX)
* Download from Garmin GPS Device (USB) (not all models)
* Upload to Garmin GPS Device (USB)
* Edit longitude, latitude and gradient in data grid
* Mars Mode (Build and edit ...

Mars24  v.6.0.3

Java-based application which displays a Mars "sunclock", a graphical representation of Mars showing the current sun- and nightsides of Mars, along with a numerical readout of the time in a 24-hour format. Other displays include a plot showing the relative ...

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