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WLC Config Analyzer  v.2 3

If you use more than one WLC, you need wireless LAN controller config analyzer. It is a great way to sync configurations, check for common errors, etc. The new version now displays Persistent Devices from CleanAir Access Points.
Wireless LAN controller ...

APS 400 Config  v.

The APS 400 Config software is a complex development tool for customization of the APS 400 access control system. It contains tools for system programming, simple diagnostics, visualization and status control.HW equipment related to the used OS is necessary ...


ASP/ODBC Config  v.1.00

ASP/ODBC Config is a server side COM component that helps web developers to managing a ODBC Data Source Name (DSN). Allow you to create new DSN, edit, remove existing DSN.

Breeze from Autumn Apps  v.1.5.2003

Helpful Defaults: Breeze comes with defaults for Fullscreen, Splitscreen Left, and Splitscreen Right. Make Your Own: Save your own window states - global or application specific - and give them keyboard shortcuts so you can move windows around any time.

IP Config Tool  v.1.2.4

IP Config Tool is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that changes your IP address. You can use the Free IP Config Tool to change the IP address used by the server to access the local network. This IP software gives easy access to changing, saving and loading ...

Sea Breeze Clock ScreenSaver

Sea breeze tenderly whispers secret legends of the ocean, it is only you and the vast green-blue universe around. You always tried to hold the wheel steady, but now you can relax - in fact you are one with everything around.


Config Utility  v.1.3_1006

A handy tool to create flash based rotating images

Config Utility is a small application that allows you to create rotating images and create cool presentations. You can easily add hot spots to your presentations to furthermore increase user ...

Win IP Config  v.

IP addresses obtained by DHCP can be renewed by Win IP Config. Most command-line functions from ipconfig in Windows are used in this program. Routes can easily be added, removed, changed or made persistent by this tool.

Network interfaces ...

WinAgents IOS Config Editor  v.

WinAgents IOS Config Editor helps administrators to manage their Cisco devices. It provides easy access control list management, creation of configuration backups and editing running and startup device configuration files.

Generally, WinAgents ...

ABC Config Tool  v.4.0.0009

The ABC Config Tool can be used to configure serial master protocols such as Modbus or other query-response based protocols.

Configuring a Modbus application is as simple as running the embedded Modbus Wizard in the ABC Config Tool.

UDP Config  v.4. 11. 2003

The UDP Config utility is a program suitable for assigning IP addresses to HW group network devices. It searches network, find devices, show their unique MAC address and enables you to setup IP, MASK and GW of network devices. The UDP Config is a free ...

Sync Breeze  v.3. 4. 2012

Sync Breeze is a powerful software tool that helps you keep your files in check by providing multiple one-way and two-way file synchronization modes, periodic file synchronization, compressed file synchronization, background file synchronization, real-time ...

Breeze  v.5 3

Breeze is an easy to use program to play common karaoke file formats. The program is designed to make it as easy as possible to play MP3+CDG (MP3+G), MP3+KSF (text lyrics), KMF (with CDG or KSF lyrics), or any media plus CDG (ie: WMA+CDG, WAV+CDG). There ...

ASSAN ESC Config  v.1.0.21

The ESC CONFIG software helps you to configure the ASSAN ESC device.The main features are:
- High rate(10KHz) Switching (PWM) Pulse Width Modulation
- Dynamic Braking to ensure prompt prop folding
- BEC (2.0amps) provides power to receiver ...

Web.Config Editor  v.3.0

config) files quicker and easier. Web.Config Editor supports two modes: Simple Mode, used for editing a single web.config file, and Composite Mode, used for editing all web.config files that apply to an ASP.NET application.

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