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SFX Machine Pro for Windows

SFX Machine Pro is a modular VST / Audio Unit audio effects plug-in. It comes with over 300 effects and lets users create their own effects from scratch. The plug-in provides Tempo Sync, which matches LFO frequencies and delay times to the host sequencer's ...

Silverspike TapeIt  v.2 3

Silverspike TapeIt is a VST-Plugin to record audio streams creating wave files in real-time. You can plug TapeIt 2 into your VST host application at any point accepting VST plugins. Unlike most other plugins, TapeIt 2 does not change the sound of your ...


ReSpatializer  v.1 1

ReSpatializer is an advanced panning, surround sound and spatialization plug-in for VST and Audio Unit formats. ReSpatializer supports up to eight input channels, each of which can be individually positioned. Key Product Features: Selection of angle, ...

F8 Audio Unit  v.1.0

F8 Audio Unit is a filter effect with a nearly limitless choice of settings to achieve a huge variety of sounds, from traditional sounding wah or tremolo sounds to complex gate-like effects.F8 has eight independent filters. Each filter has its own LFO.

GyroVibe  v.1.2

GyroVibe is the first of the Twister Series, a new line of Audio Unit effects from Music Unfolding. The Twister Audio Units all have a single, huge knob to control all parameters. Whether you need to make rough adjustments or fine tune a setting, the ...

PhaseDelayArray  v.1.2

PhaseDelayArray is the second of the Twister Series, a new line of Audio Unit effects from Music Unfolding.PhaseDelayArray is unlike anything else we've ever heard. It has three effect units chained together in an interesting configuration. And one of ...

Frohmage  v.1.4

For extreme fun, delay effects can be applied across the filters at the turn of a single knob, creating swish phasing or weird gliding echoes. Ohm Force :: les cuisines du Ohm Studio. Ohm Force : innovative instruments and effects for VST AudioUnits ...

SFX Machine Pro for RTAS  v.1.1.2

SFX Machine Pro for RTAS is a flexible multi-effects and sound design tool, now available in RTAS format for Digidesign's Pro Tools systems. SFX Machine Pro for RTAS gives you quick and easy access to hundreds of audio effects, from the conventional to ...

Kjaerhus Audio Golden Audio Gate GAG-1  v.1 2

- Full VST automation.
- Parameter control through MIDI-learn.
- Low CPU usage.
- No latency.
- Presets.
- Users Manual.

MU MIDI Controller  v.2.6

µ MIDI Controller and Mac OS X Audio Unit plugin effects, including the Twister Series.

XEQ  v.1.1

It is very useful for placing around distortion effects. Place one xEQ before your distortion effect to act as a preamp's tone control. Place another xEQ after your distortion effect to simulate a speaker cabinet's frequency response curve. We provide ...

HD Audio Unit  v.1.1

hD can also be used to generate 12-string guitar effects and as a note doubler. We recommend downloading and using our free parametric EQ, xEQ, when demo'ing hD. xEQ is available on our website. Music Unfolding. µ MIDI Controller and Mac OS X Audio Unit ...

F8-V2 Audio Unit  v.2.0

This 8 X 8 array gives an unlimited number of options and sounds, ranging from subtle and rich tremolos and wah-like sounds to over-the-top, novel effects. F8-V2 can be used as a mono or stereo effect.F8-V2 comes with over 200 presets designed for different ...

M3 Audio Unit  v.1.1

µ MIDI Controller and Mac OS X Audio Unit plugin effects, including the Twister Series.

ModVibe  v.1.2

These two combined provide effects ranging from phasor/flanger and chorus to wild, extreme doppler shifts. The sweeps can be tailored to a high degree. The result is a range of sounds from subtle to out-there, other-worldly lunacy. Music Unfolding. µ ...

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