Blue Screen Memory Dump


Blue Screen Error Fix Software  v.2.0

If your system starts randomly with out any command and dumps the physical memory in the beginning and giving errors then sure that your system is at risk. It is a blue screen physical memory dump error and the error may emerge due to many reasons. At ...

Fix Physical memory dump Error  v.2.0

Physical Memory Dump error is fatal error which may occur in windows system and also referred as Blue Screen Death Error. It is a situation when the system becomes unable to read the required files which are needed to run a particular application. This ...


Smart Blue Screen Of Death Fixer Pro  v.4.6.9

Blue Screen of Death Fixer is the program that can be immediately downloaded and works through giving a quick scan on the entire drive while automatically repairing the problems in it. Then how to fix Blue Screen of Death via Blue Screen of Death Fixer? ...

Free Blue Screen Screensaver  v.1.6.1

Free Blue Screen Screensaver is a free screensaver that simulates Blue Screen of Death on Windows. The infamous Blue Screen of Death will pop up on your system after an unavoidable event in which a computer or a critical program of operating system kernel ...

Blue Screen of Death  v.

This app simulates a fake Blue Screen of Death.
Have fun !

-Light theme bug fix

-Dump memory
-Format ...

Blue Screen Prank  v.

What would a Windows Phone be without the infamous “Blue Screen of Death”? Trick your friends into thinking that your phone just blue screened with this app. Choose a fake screen to display and once you touch anywhere on the fake screen, it will show ...

Blue Screen  v.

Uh oh, Blue Screen of Death!

Update: Added 2 new screens!
Update: Now can run while the phone is locked!

This app simply shows a fake "BlueScreen of Death" similar to one seen on Windows machines that have crashed. But that's not ...

123ImageMagic Photo Editing Software  v.4.1

123 Image magic is a user friendly chroma key software that enables you to edit, replace green/blue screen background from your images easily. Capture/Import images to canvas and you can select the size of the final output image as needed. Mask option ...

Blue Boy  v.

A small app to display a Blue Screen on your phone, just to make fun to your friends! Comes with the name "Blue Boy" and this silly icon just to make your friends believe that this is just a normal app/game. Try loading it and... boom! A blue screen appears! ...

BlueScreenView  v.1.45

BlueScreenView enables you to investigate the cause of a system crash (blue screen of death) by analyzing the content of the Minidump files that are created during each crash. The software scans the content of the Minidump folder and provides a detailed ...

WhoCrashed 4.01 B40131103  v.40131103

Whenever a computer running Windows suddenly reboots without displaying any notice or blue screen of death, the first thing that is often thought about is a hardware failure. In reality, most crashes are caused by malfunctioning device drivers and kernel ...

Fix PC Issues  v.

If you are using windows 8 OS then it may possible that you can face Windows 8 blue screen error in your Pc anytime. Windows 8 blue screen error or issue can be notified if your system is stuck because of any hardware problem or virtual memory problem.

GreenScreenWizard  v.6 6

Green Screen Wizard is a piece of software for producing quality photos with green-background photos as a starting point: it replaces the same-colored background with a custom image. With this application, users can put their crazy imagination into practice ...

WorkStationOPtimizer  v.2.0

56% of PC glitches like the blue screen of death, deadlocking, and optimizes it to stay clean for years to come.

WorkStation Optimizer Removes any and all trojans, viruses, adware, malware, stolen or hijacked web-browser bugs, and makes sure ...


Self-adjusting tabs q-ty when resizing the screen. Memory option (it opens with/to a letter that was selected and a filter that was applied last time you were using the folder). Easy filtering (sort your contacts by the company, first or last name, etc.

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