Blood Pressure Log Chart


Blood Pressure Tracker Plus  v.7.0

Program contains a Free Blood Pressure tracker function plus other functions (trial version) in an easy to use program. Included trial functions are: Address Book with Viewer, Calendar Maker with import from Daily Planner, Daily Planner function, Home ...

Blood Pressure Browser  v.1.0

The Blood Pressure Browser: a program designed for self-assessment of the blood pressure at home.

Arterial hypertension is one of the most common diseases in the world. Such complications as myocardial infarction, insult, renal insufficiency ...


ICare Blood Pressure Monitor  v.2.5.9

iCare Blood Pressure Monitor--could monitor blood pressure, and the error of plus or minus 12 or less.

User Guide:
1. Pressing the screen with your finger.
2. Put your index ...

My Blood Pressure

My Blood Pressure is software that: 1) Reminds you to take a blood pressure reading. 2) Records and charts readings from your home monitor. 3) Prints a report for your doctor. Use My Blood Pressure to get the most out of your home blood pressure monitor.

Blood Pressure Recorder  v.1.0

Blood Pressure Recorder is a free application that allows users to track their blood pressure readings. It enables users to enter their systolic and diastolic values and their pulse rate. In the comments field the users can also add any other information ...

UTS Blood Pressure for Palm OS  v.1. 8. 2002

UTS Blood Pressure (UTS BP) is the Palm OS software, that tracks your blood pressure and pulse.

High blood pressure is a serious condition, which often has no symptoms. Once high blood pressure occurs, it usually lasts a lifetime. But by taking ...

Blood Pressure Monitor  v.1.0.3207.35792 RC

Keep a record of your blood pressure readings (inc heart rate). The Blood Pressure Monitor software allows a user to keep a record of their blood pressure readings (inc heart rate). Currently this is written as a Win32/64 software using .NET Framework ...

Blood Pressure (Free)  v.

Keep track of your blood pressure measurements.

* Quick and easy entering of new measurements.

* Graphical visualization

* Send measurements by email

* optional comments for each measurement

* Edit or delete ...

Blood Pressure Record Keeper  v.

Keeps a record of your blood pressure readings ...

Blood pressure in DM  v.

The app suggests the physician the therapy for hypertension in patients affected by diabetes mellitus on the basis of systolic blood pressure. Suggestions are elaborated according to principles defined in Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes developed ...

Blood Pressure Diary  v.

With the blood pressure diary you can track your blood pressure. Every time you take your blood pressure you can save it in the phone, so you get a better overview.

* To report bugs or suggestions, contact: ...

Quickly Lower Blood Pressure  v.1.0

A free Screen Saver from aimed at relaxing and taking the edge off. Calming the nerves can be a very effective first line of defense when trying to conquer hypertension. So, sit back and relax and watch these pictures of calmness, ...

Blood Type - Food Chart  v.

This application helps you to choose food based on blood group type to improve your health. The blood groups are classified into four groups (A, B, AB, and O) and food categories are divided into three segments (Beneficial Foods, Neutral Foods and Avoidable ...

Medical Diary ( MD )

MD, the Medical Diary, or Medical journal, lets you chart your glucose values, cholesterol, blood pressure and pulse rates as well as your weight, either as 3D charts, or lists and and they can be printed as such. It also allows you to keep a journal, ...

My Daily Readings  v.3.95 Build 3

Tracks both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
Tracks blood sugar in mg/dl or mmol/l formats.
Tracks weight in pounds or kilograms.
32 bar and line graphs to help you and your doctor track your progress.
Aromatically sorts readings ...

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