Automatic Captions Software


NestLib Automatic nesting software  v.2012

NestLib is a high speed true shape automatic nesting software for optimizing material utilization while fitting two-dimensional shapes on a larger sheet. Various advanced features like Common line nesting, Multiple Torch nesting, Cluster nesting, Grid ...

Automatic Backup software  v.2008.9

Automatic file backup utility run as windows service, online backup any type of files and folders to local hard disk,USB disk,network and other storage device. Intuitive interface make it easy to use, simply tell it which files to backup, where and when ...


MS Publisher Automatic Backup Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically save all open MS Publisher files to a separate backup file. This software will backup while you work. The backup frequency can be set to occur between every 30 seconds or every 24 hours.

Automatic Unzip Software

Automatically unzip files after they are downloaded. This application sits in the system tray at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Online Nesting Software NestLibOnline  v.2012

NestLibOnline is a free shape automatic nesting software available online for material optimization while fitting two-dimensional shapes on a larger sheet. It is available as online nesting service without any installation or maintenance for DXF part.

Clickfree Automatic Backup  v.2.0

The award winning Clickfree Automatic Backup software for PC's is now available for download and it's free. There is nothing easier than Clickfree's C2 backup. Clickfree protects your data by automatically searching for and backing up all the content ...

DG Nest Pro  v.1.1.3.

'DG Nest Pro' is full manually and full true shape automatic nesting software. For professional users 'DG Nest Pro' collaborate with 'SheetCam', popular CAM software, through 'DG Nest Pro'/'SheetCam' plugin. Before user load dxf files directly via ...

FieryCut  v.4 1

The FieryCut automatic nesting software creates nesting of parts on sheet materials and creates CNC programs for profile cutting machines.

The FieryCut automatic nesting software reduce the waste of sheet material at manufacturing parts of ...

Mega-Backup  v.1.5

Mega-Backup is a smart automatic backup software for Windows that will periodically archive all your documents, project files, pictures, music or video files into your MEGA.CO.NZ account in a zip format so you can restore them at any time on any computer.

Trackback Submitter  v.8.4

Trackback Submitter is the world's first and most powerful automatic trackback poster designed to speed-up website indexing, optimize search engine rankings, increase overall traffic and supercharge monthly income the most natural way; by submitting top-quality ...

ICD CoolBeLa  v.3.0.0005

iCD CoolBeLa - neat and handy standalone CD design software.

The iCD CoolBeLa automatic layout software will handle all kinds of tasks to straight into the process of design your own distinctive CD labels.

It can also produce duplicated ...

Stylitis Explorer  v.3 5

It may be used alone or with AutoConnect, Symmetron's automatic download software.

Stylitis Explorer has been designed to streamline operations and allow users work with site data as easily as possible.

It features:

- ...

Microinvest Archi Pro  v.3. 1. 2014

Microinvest Archi Pro is an automatic archive software system, which is compatible with all Microinvest products.
The main modules of the software are:
1. Periodically archive records can be made at the database:
Every hour (hourly);

MyNesting  v.1.0.3840.29364

MyNesting is a unique service providing world-class automatic nesting software with no upfront costs. Our fresh approach lets you download the software completely free which means you can be nesting your parts quickly, efficiently and on your own computer ...

Matrix Artificial Intelligence Expert Ad  v.1

A Forex Expert Advisor is an automatic trading software, which trades independently in a meta trader trading platform. That means it trades with currencies autonomous. You just need a Real-Account with a Forex Broker who provides the Meta Trader Platform.

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