Autocad Script Writer


Script Writer Basic  v.

Rx Script Writer is a windows application designed to make managing writing and printing prescriptions easier.One of the great benefits with our application is that for a nominal price we can easily customize it to fit your needs if it does not already ...

AutoPlot  v.2. 2. 2001

AutoPlot Automatically builds an AutoCad script file that allows the user to print / plot off large drawing sets with just a few key strokes. Easy to use explorer style point and click for drawing selections. AutoScript setup editor allows the user to ...


Myvideosoft  v.

MyVideoSoft includes the Script Editor Module which allows you to develop by yourself the connections to the Cinema or DVD Internet websites of your choice, and this among those that are available overall the world, with download or display ...

CenterONE  v.3.77.233

Main features:

MCC Structure and Unit Design
- Define global MCC variables
- Create new units/sections
- Display unit data in three convenient views
- Unit-Data
- Nameplates
- Heater-Elements
- Order new unit/section hardware kits
- Resequence all unit ID numbers in spreadsheet format
- Automatically place all units in sections
- Rearrange MCC layout using 'drag-and-drop'
- Add shipping splits to a completed MCC layout
- Add pull boxes to section(s)
- Add 600A vertical bus to section(s)
- Perform a 'Final Edit' on a completed MCC layout
- Automatically add appropriately-sized heater elements to units
- Add user notes corresponding to entire workup
- Add neutral connection plates to sections
- Add vertical and horizontal neutral bus to sections

- Generate script files for use with ...

Vox Proxy  v.5.00.3

Scripting is click-simple with Vox
Proxy's comprehensive Script Writer and Script Wizard.Vox Proxy works through scripts that are saved in each slide of the presentation file. We give you some basics about scripts, and an introduction to character ...

Portable Interactive Theater  v.

It allows you to write, edit, save, print scripts for theater, cabaret, variety, television, etc., with the ability to interact with audio and video files that can be managed directly from the program. Used to start, pause and stop music, sound effects, ...

Contour for Mac OS X  v.1.2.6

Just answer these 4 questions: Who is the main character? What is the main character trying to accomplish? Who is trying to stop the main character? What happens if the main character fails? You didnOCOt think it would be that easy, did you? Contour, ...

ProgeCAD Standard AutoCAD Clone  v.

progeCAD AutoCAD DWG Clone, 1/10th the cost, no need for conversion! No learning curve for AutoCAD users, Industry standard AutoCAD Commands. AutoCAD Menu, Script, Font Compatibility, AutoLISP Compatibility! for architects, building kitchen and bath designers, ...

ProgeCAD Smart IntelliCAD AutoCAD Clone  v.2009.0.1.2

progeCAD 2008 Smart!, Free for personal use, No learning curve for AutoCAD users, Industry standard AutoCAD Commands. Windows 7 32,Windows 7 64, AutoCAD Menu, Script, Font Compatibility, AutoLISP Compatibility! for architects, building kitchen and bath ...

SQL Script Builder

SQL Script Builder is software that create a database sql script (or dump file) from any ODBC data source. The script produced will create the table and the records. Scripts are available in 5 output formats ; MySql, MS SQL, Oracle, Pervasive and PostgreSQL.

Tristana Writer RSS Editor

Tristana Writer RSS Editor lets you create an RSS or Atom feed from scratch by inputting each required and/or optional RSS or Atom XML element. You also have the option to simply scan a web page and instantly prepopulate XML information into Tristana ...

Quick EXIF Writer

Quick EXIF Writer is a tool for fast displaying of jpeg pictures. But its main purpose is to help you comment your digital camera jpeg pictures. Quick EXIF Writer uses the EXIF standard (see for commenting the photos which means that the ...

AutoCAD Excel - { Cadig AutoTable 3.0 }

0 } is designed to provide AutoCAD (LT) users a more convenient way working together with AutoCAD and Excel. We then can import Excel spreadsheet to AutoCAD and modify it with Excel at anytime. Besides, you can update table in AutoCAD to synchronize it ...

GrSoft Smart Tools X for AutoCAD

GrSoft Smart Tools X for AutoCAD offers very effective user interface, making the basic AutoCAD commands rapid and easy to use, working as classic toolbar. Basic AutoCAD commands are accessible through user friendly dialogs, where you can easily define ...

AutoCAD Excel Office2CAD

Office2CAD is a tool for importing Excel spreadsheet and Word text into AutoCAD and MicroStation ...

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