Ascii Data


Code 128 Barcode Premium Package

It is able to encode ASCII data.

There are 28 fonts, a crystal reports UFL DLL, a sample and a GUI encoder included in the package.The included fonts have 7 different aspect ratios.

Barcodesoft code 128 Packages include a 30-day money ...

SBHistogram  v.1 2

SBHistogram generates simple histograms from simple ASCII data files. It's a simple tool designed to be easy to use.
A histogram is a chart in which data values in counted and placed into buckets. For example, let's assume you want to do a histogram ...


Plot39  v.

Plot39 is used to plot ASCII data (.asc file) that has been uploaded from the SBE 39 or 39-IM. Plot39:
Plots the data in color. The plot can be saved as a graphic file for presentation.
Improves display speed with data culling. Plot39 plots ...

Zetalog  v.

-Just drop an LAS file into the program window and you are there!
-Imports ASCII data to overlay with your logs
-Click and drag to switch the tracks.
-Right mouse click on the tracks to customize
-Customizable line color, ...

MergeAdmin  v.1 7

MergeAdmin 2011 merges and imports data from any ASCII data file into an ACT! 2011 database on a field-by-field level so you can keep your ACT! data updated with useful information from other sources. You determine how to match contacts and which fields ...

SBHisto Histogram Generator  v.1 2

Generates histograms from simple ascii data files. Creates both a text output and a graphical chart that can be printed. Simple tool intended for easy use. Fully functional with no limitations. SBHisto is a very simple, easy to use program -- it's not ...

Asc2Silo file converter  v.0.3

a filter to convert ASCII data files into binary SILO files to use with the MeshTV visualization package.

Data Paint  v.9.0

Data Paint is designed to read data from an ASCII data file with tab or space as delimiters. The limitation on the size of data is based on your computer memory and the CPU speed.

Grace ASCII Import Wizard (Qt-based)  v.1

il/Grace/) users to create 2D XY plots from ASCII data files very easily.

Power CD DVD Recovery  v.2. 1. 2001

In addition to this, the program has the ability to preview image, music and ascii data, and also to resume the last recovery result. Moreover, it recovers data from ISO9600, Joliet, UDF and FAT32 formats, and also finds and recovers deleted files from ...

Digital inputs filter plug-in  v.

The module is used together with MODBUS RTU, MODBUS/TCP, ADAM, ICP-CON or ASCII data parser modules.

StockShare  v.1 5

Stock Price's are dynamically plotted from FREE historical data collected from the Internet or use your own ASCII data or MetaStock™ data imported from a third party source which is locally stored on your hard drive. The amount of dynamic data used ...

6-bit Binary Compression  v.3.5.1

Yet compression gain in ASCII data files is obvious due to short binary length of index number entries .

Digital Inputs Filter 3.7.4 B1130  v.1130

The module is used together with MODBUS RTU, MODBUS/TCP, ADAM, ICP-CON or ASCII data parser modules. Get the Digital Inputs Filter plugin for Accurate Printer Monitor and take it for a test run to see what it can do for you!

LizardTech LiDAR Compressor  v.1 1

Unlike raw LAS or ASCII data, LiDAR files compressed to MrSID are easily managed resources you can extract derivatives from over and over again.

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