As3 Map Zoom And Pan


Map Zoom Pan As3  v.1

Map Pan Zoom AS3 Map navigator with pan and zoom actions, loaded dynamically from xml, you ca set image or swf file map.Users can select point from menu search for a point zoom scroll navigate map. Zoom module:You can zoom the map from zoom bar and with ...

AS3 Timer ( XML and Run Time Change)  v.1

This a timer ( count down timer ) that you can change the time by XML or at run time it's easy to use.


Terrafirma  v.1. 7. 2003

It gives block information in the statusbar as you hover, lets you zoom and pan around your map, and can save your map out as a png.
New features include textures and lighting.
If 'Use Textures' is grayed out, it's because the program ...


Displays an image with the ability to align, stretch, scroll, zoom and pan it. PreviewScrollWindow for convenient scrolling. Magnification window to take a closer look to any part of the image. Popup menu to access all zooming functions. With databinding ...

OrbitZoom  v.1 3

By dragging picture files and dropping them into the program's window, you will be able to view those pictures at any level of zoom and pan over them. To do that, all you will need to do is to click the left button of the mouse over the picture ...

FLIR QuickReport  v.3.03.1535

The software allows the user to adjust the level, span, zoom and pan of the camera. FLIR QuickReport features a choice of ten different color palettes. The alarm displays risk of surface condensation, mould growth and inadequate insulation.

ZigZagZoom  v.1.5

Zoom and pan your webcam. ZigZagZoom imake your webcam capable of zooming, panning and motion detection. Upload time lapse photos to the internet so that all can view with ZigZagZoom.
There are not motors necessary to pan and zoom when using this ...

HatchKit  v.2.7

Add or delete elements, zoom and pan, arrange repeats along any two axes, snap to a grid, add layers to form multi-spaced patterns, rescale, transform and customize. Save to your system's hatch file format including AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit, IntelliCAD, ...

MagniLens  v.

Zoom and pan the image from your camera.
This app is originally made to help reading the small characters of newspapers.

Limitation, however, is that the Windos Phone does not allow us to use the optical zoom, so the degital zoom was the ...

XML Photo Template 02 AS2  v.1

XML driven Flash Photo Website Template - AS2 with multiple categories and custom modules, image resize, zoom and pan. You easily setup and configure any template parameter by editing a general XML settings file and also individual XML configuration files ...

Inzomia Web trial  v.1.0

The Inzomia Web Edition Trial enables you to quickly test functionality such as seamless Pan & Zoom and Fullscreen view on your website images. The Inzomia development tools give you the opportunity to easily create faster, more attractive and interactive ...

Map Worksheet Factory  v.2 1

Quickly and easily create professional outline-map worksheets for lessons in geography, history, social studies, and current events.

See exactly what your maps will look like as you design them with the WYSIWYG interface. Zoom and pan to select ...

KL Transit Map by SC  v.

You can easily zoom-in, pan, and zoom-out. No Internet/data connection required.

Deep Zoom Photo Viewer  v.1

DEEP ZOOM PHOTO VIEWER provides the ability to interactively view high-resolution images. You can zoom in and out of images rapidly without affecting the performance of your application. DEEP ZOOM PHOTO VIEWER uses multi-resolution images to achieve a ...

Magic Zoom Plus  v.4.0

Looking for an awesome image zoomer that not only zooms-in but also enlarges to full-screen? Magic Zoom Plus is for you. Whether you are a JavaScript novice or a coding ninja, Magic Zoom Plus is so easy to install on your website you'll be wondering why ...

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