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Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex)

DHex is a software tool that is made to demonstrate the chemical design calculations of Double Pipe (hairpin) Heat Exchangers.The software will do all the thermal calculations involved in the design and will generate a summary of all results.List of some ...

Pipe Flow Expert  v.

Pipe Flow Expert is a software application for designing and analyzing complex pipe networks where the flows and pressures must be balanced to solve the system.

-An Intuitive User Interface that is best-in-class & easy to use
-with ...


Pipe Flow Wizard  v.1 12

Pipe Flow Wizard is an engineering tool for engineers dealing with pipes and flow of liquid. It is capable to perform calculations of fluid flow and pressures drops on pipes. You can use Pipe flow Wizard on liquids and compressed gases. You do not required ...

Named Pipe TCP Proxy  v.1.0.0001

Named Pipe TCP Proxy - utility which provides access to named pipes on Windows (special files with names built using the following rule -pipe) via TCP/IP.

Utility has intuitive GUI and allows to create 'tcp port' 'named pipe' mappings. To ...

Pitch Pipe Bagpipe Tuner  v.

The Pitch Pipe Bagpipe Tuner is real-time pitch detection tuning software for the Great Highland Bagpipe. Getting musical sound input from a conventional microphone, the Pitch Pipe tuner shows the tuning status of the instrument and displays the performed ...

Pipe-Pro  v.2.02

Pipe estimating software. Pipe-Pro includes pipe and an excel recap sheet. It's comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and flexible.
The pipe estimating portion of the software multiplies manually input quantities of pipe, valves & fittings by material ...

Pipe-Lite  v.2.02

HVAC pipe estimating software: reduced scope. Pipe-Lite includes pipe only. It's comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and flexible.
The pipe estimating portion of the software multiplies manually input quantities of pipe, valves & fittings by ...

Arch Search Engine  v.1.7

Arch is an open source extension of Apache Nutch (a popular, highly scalable general purpose search engine) for intranet search. Not happy with your corporate search engine? Not surprising, very few people are. To the best of our knowledge, there are ...

Pipe Cutting System  v.4.7

The main function of the aslike pipe cutting system, cutting products to optimize the layout to fully enhance the utilization of materials, reduce the artificial nesting workload and improve work efficiency and saving material costs. Aslike pipe cutting ...

Pipe World  v.1.0

Pipe World is a new kind of puzzle game that combines some of the traditional puzzle solving with a new mix of gameplay and beautiful graphics. The game features two game modes that will keep anyone busy for hours of fun. Full Version Game Features: Beautiful ...

Arch shapes for Photoshop pack 74  v.1.0.3

240 Arch shapes for Photoshop ...

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design  v.

+Perform thermal analysis for bare tube double pipe (hairpin) heat exchangers.
+Perform thermal analysis for finned tube double pipe (hairpin) heat exchangers.
+Choose from Counter Current or Co-Current Flow arrangement
+Choose from ...

Warp Pipe  v.0.3.5 beta

Warp Pipe - provides all Nintendo GameCube gamers the ability to bring their GameCubes online with ease no matter what operating system you may have in the house.

Main features:

- New GUI: A nice, uniform, friendly graphical user ...

CADPIPE - Commercial PIPE  v.12.0

CADPIPE Commercial Pipe Provides mechanical contractors with the ultimate mechanical drafting tool. This AutoCAD based program has a full range of materials, connection types, and fittings for plumbing, pressure, waste, and copper pipe.


Saravel Refrigerant Pipe Sizing  v.1.0

Saravel Refrigerant Pipe Sizing program designed by Saravel Corp. Design & Engineering Department , has following specifications:

1. Refrigerant Selection
2. Valves and Fittings Selection
3. Unit Conversion
4. Save entered data for ...

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