Application Access


Ez Call  v.

This application helps you to make international call using Vonage call forward and extensions using your Vonage account with many more features.

 Remembers user information for future application access
 Make international call using ...

ID Cards Application  v.

ID Cards maker software provides feature to set password to prevent from unauthorized application access during ID card generating process. With the help of ID Cards Application users can print multiple ID cards with different colors and background using ...


Repair Corrupt MDB  v.3.3

Microsoft Access database is widely used application. Access Database is use all over the world organizations & individual use MS Access for keeping & maintaining databases. Since it is a largely used program there is always a chance of it getting corrupted, ...

NELiX TransaX FleXPort Code Library  v.6.2

NELiX TransaX FleXport contains documentation and examples for integrating payment processing within any application! The NELiX TransaX FleXport supports:

- Sale
- Auth
- Capture

Century TinyTerm Plus  v.4.53.3352

TinyTERM Plus is software you can use to provide Web-to-host access to your UNIX and IBM hosts over the Web. Provide server-based access to legacy data and mission critical applications over the Internet through the convenience and power of familiar web ...

Exceed on Demand  v.6.0

Exceed onDemand has become the most dependable managed Enterprise application access solution on the market today that organizations can count on for faster time-to-market, compliance with corporate policies and government regulations while reducing ...

ITivity Secure Remote Support Solution  v.5.2.02

iTivity enables secure application access, remote desktop access, remote control, remote monitoring and secure file transfer. These features are implemented via port forwarding for standard remote administration and support tools such as RDP, FTP, VNC ...

Defragger Disk Optimizer  v.1.0

* Defragments your hard drive to improve Windows and application access times.
* Reduces your computer's boot-up time.
* Removes Duplicate Files.
* Prolongs the life of your hard disk.

TinyTERM  v.5. 1. 2600

The ability to easily exchange files, access other systems, and share common resources is critical.

TinyTERM is compliant with a wide range of host systems and servers, including UNIX, Linux, DEC and HP, and supports internet standard protocols.

DLL Cure  v.2 8

Automatically improve your PC performance!
-Check for all invalid and outdated DLL errors in your system application.
-Access to a large DLL file database ,DLL Cure always ensures no errors for windows registry.
-DLL Cure ...

Windows 7 Firewall Control  v.

In the mode only applications marked as "Allow in Mode:Expensive/Insecure Connection" (see "Edit Application Access") are allowed following the zones set to the applications. All the other applications are blocked (excepting some system vital activities).

Alloy  v.

Alloy also does a version and date-time check before extracting embedded files, if a newer version is available then the file is not extracted; which gives your application access to the latest libraries and files without over-writing important files.

ILore ProjectTrack  v.2007.6

Main features:
-All Company details
- Associated Documents
- People/Contacts/Resources
- Projects
- Departments
- Initiatives
- Locations
- People Skills
- Programs
- Assets
- Schedule
- All Project Details
- Associated Documents
- Assigned People/Resources to projects
- Action Items
- Milestones
- Project Journal
- Issue management and resolution
- Change Management
- Risk Management
- Mitigation Plan and Steps for Risk
- Meetings
- Agenda and Decision tracking for Meetings
- Teams
- Assigned Assets to projects
- Decisions
- Schedule
- Print Preview
- Detail Reports
- Grid Reports
- Report Customization
- Inclusion of logo and background in Reports
- Report Saving to PDF (Acrobat)
- Report Saving to MS Word (as RTF)
- Report Saving to MS Excel
- Report Saving to HTML
- Report Saving to XML
- Report Saving to Text (TXT)
- Report Saving to Image (JPG)
- E-mail Templates with variables
- Directly E-mail People
- Directly E-mail Teams
- User Management
- Meeting Agenda templates
- Application access secured ...

Turbo Squid Tentacles  v.4.0

Use it to find and purchase new content, to organize and back up your critical work files, and to develop workspaces without ever leaving your 3D application.

The Beta version features an updated publishing system that allows for easy uploading ...

PowerTerm Pro  v.

PortFlash is a tool for network administrators and computer security professionals. It scans through a list or range of IP addresses and ports looking for running services such as FTP or HTTP. This is useful for determining if authorized services are ...

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