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MediaLooks Character Generator  v.

MediaLooks Character Generator (CG) is a powerful engine for static or animated overlay of text and graphics (images, Flash) over a video stream.
This product targets multimedia application developers and broadcast professionals.

No DirectShow ...

MediaLooks MJPEG Encoder  v.1.0.1

MediaLooks M-JPEG Video Encoder is a high-performance DirectShow encoder for Motion JPEG video with alpha channel support.Real-time encoding/decoding of HD video. Ease of reverse playback.
- Multiple CPU support.
- ARGB32 support ...


MediaLooks Video Mixer  v.

MediaLooks Video Mixer is a DirectShow filter for real-time mixing of several video streams coming from different video sources (such as cameras, files or static images). MediaLooks Video Mixer features: - change output image size even during playback ...

Andrew`s (Video) Effects  v.1.3

Andrew`s (Video) Effects contains 12 color effect plugins for Adobe After Effects 5.5 and 6.x.The plug-ins include: grayscale color effects, color threshold effects, posterisation, solarisation, color interference / gradient color effects, invert color ...

Andrew's (vector) plugins multi tool 1  v.1.1.2003

Andrew s (vector) plugins multi tool 1 Multi tool is a toolbox plugin set of 11 powerful select /drag and create plugins. Includes paint tools, duplications, spiral, random noise, frames, tile tool, circular effects, zooms, lines, bounce effects and more.

Andrew's (video) plugins  v.1.1.2002

About Andrew s (video) Plug-insVideo effect plugins for AE - color/gradients/blurs - for after effects 5.5 Wonderful colorful effects such as rings/linear/dotty/warped gradients as well as blur and posterisation and average/grayscale effects as well as ...

Relax with Andrew Johnson  v.

Use Relax with Andrew Johnon and feel the world slow down.

This app is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress, and it has had great success in thereapeutic settings. The App teach relaxation techniques, which have helped with ME, pain ...

Andrew's Vector Plugins GXLatticeConnect  v.24

com 'Andrew's Vector Plug-ins Volume 24': GXLatticeConnect Plug-in Set Plug-in Set for Illustrator® CS3 CS2 CS 10 MAC OS X Set include: Lattice Plugin for Illustrator® + bonus lattice themed symbols, all royalty-free + documentationLattice / grid plug-in ...

Creation - Andrew's Vector Plugins Vol 1  v.1.6

The plugin set works with paths or a single path or images or text (in 10) or symbols and other path types in IllustratorPart of the Andrew's (vector) plugins bundleA demo is available on the site and it contains bonus freebie symbols.

MediaLooks Flash Overlay  v.

Unlimited number of Flash items to overlay.

Support for native Flash alpha-channel.

Interlacing support of Flash items (for smooth animation on interlaced video - e.g. for PAL, NTSC, 1080i broadcasting).

Ability to change ...

MediaLooks MPEG-4 Video Decoder  v.1.0

MPEG-4 DirectShow video decoder. MPEG-4 Decoder is a DirectShow filter for decoding streams compressed according to ISO/IEC 14496-2:2001(E). Uses up to 8 processors to decode each frame. Highly optimized for the Intel processor family. Supported profiles: ...

St Andrew's College  v.2.0

As a school, you often need to get important information to parents. The School Communicator ensures that the right news reaches the right parents at the right time.
Features include:
* Important contact details
* Allows parents to update ...

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson  v.

This recording is designed to help you build a natural, deep sleeping pattern.

A good night’s sleep is essential for both your physical and mental health. Sleep directly affects your concentration, memory formation and mood. It is also central ...

Contour (Andrew's Vector Plugins)  v.18.4.1

The full release version contains:The plugin set includes contour plug-in for Illustrator ?¬Z/ inset plugin + bonus symbols and stylesGreat for zoom effects and 3D designs as well as abstract designs and contour effectsAdd offsets to shapesInset designs ...

Starburst (Andrew's Vector Plugins 22)  v.1.3

Starburst / star / 3D star design plugin for creating unique hi-impact star designs and moreStarburst plug-in for creating flower designs + rounded / warped designs + abstract designsPlugin for 3D star effectsStarburst plugin comes with many star design ...

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