Algorithm For Magic Square


MFFM Time Scale Modification for Audio  v.1.0

Implementation of the WSOLA algorithm for time scale modification of audio without artifact introduction (ideally). It allows one to speed/slow audio without altering its pitch.

Sudoku Up  v.5 1

Sudoku is a game of filling the 9*9 magic square with missing numbers. It was invented around 19th century.

This is a Sudoku game for Windows. There are many puzzles. With five difficulty levels, game play statistics with 3D pie and bar charts, ...


Wake-On-LAN Proxy Server  v.1.1.0

Wake-On-LAN Proxy Server is a network tool that helps network administrators to organize the reception and transmission of magic packets (wakeup signals, which are sent through programs that support the Wake-on-LAN technology) on the network. The program ...

Card Puzzles

Several varieties of puzzles are included in this collection - stacking and sequence challenges, a puzzle involving a chess knight, and a magic square puzzle with a unique twist! Puzzles range in difficulty from moderate to difficult.

Resize Pilot

This photo resizing program has a unique algorithm for image enlarging. The enlarging algorithm is most productive for focused images. Sharpness of the image may slightly improve as a secondary effect of applying the algorithm. The program allows you ...

Magus: In Search of Adventure

Magus is a charming creature with a gift for magic and a heart for fun. One day, he journeys into an enchanted wood and sees glittering jewels scattered everywhere! Bedazzled, he begins scooping up the priceless gems.


A parallel LU algorithm for solving dense systems of linear equations of the form Ax = b provides amazing speedup on multicore and multiprocessor computers. KonstSolver allows the following parallel matrix/vector operations: add, subtract, multiply vector ...

Repair Zip

Kernel for ZIP uses quick and easy algorithm for searching and repairing the corrupt Zip files which usually get damaged due to CRC errors in downloaded zip, virus attacks, or broken downloads. The software is a true result oriented zip repair tool.

Mindgames Magicsquare  v.2.0

A magic square is an arrangement of the numbers from 1 to n^2 (n-squared) in an nxn matrix, with each number occurring exactly once, and such that the sum of the entries of any row, any column, or any main diagonal is the same. It is not hard to show ...

Resize Pilot Trial  v.

Resize Pilot uses a unique algorithm for image enlarging that maintain the smoothness and clarity of the image. If you may resize, especially stretch the image more than its original resolution, you will see that the image quality becomes poor because ...

Uconomix Encryption Engine  v.1.0.2441

The Uconomix Encryption Engine is a encryption/decryption software for protecting files by using powerful mathematics algorithm for encryption and a personal password.

The encrypted files are hidden so nobody can see them, unless by using the ...

Magnum Opus  v.4. 6. 2003

It uses the highly efficient OPUS search algorithm for fast association discovery. The system is designed to handle large data sets containing millions of cases, but its capacity to do so will be constrained by the amount of memory installed in the host ...

Sudoku Japanese Style Lite  v.1.0

Sudoku - numeric puzzle! Examine your analytical skills! Sudoku is named 'magic square'. In this game a widely popular and favourite puzzle is beautified with citations of great people.Picturesque views of Japan will help you dive into the process.Sudoku ...

Corrupted SQL Server Database Recovery  v.4 9

SQL Server database recovery tool is able to perform MDF file repair and recover corrupted SQL Server database developed powerful QFSCI algorithm for making the recovery process and scanning process easy, instant and proper. If you are confused how to ...

Software to Repair PST Files  v.3.0

Software to Repair PST file uses quickly algorithm for searching and restoring lost or deleted mails and hence quick, simple and easy to use mails PST recovery software, which helps you recover your lost emails in case of data loss disasters. Usually, ...

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