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Awesomium.CApi.NET Beta  v.1.0

NET wrapper targets version 4.0 and won't run under .NET 2.0 - 3.5. This wrapper targets version 2.0 and should run under all .NET versions >= 2.0. It is based on the Awesomium C API and written in C++/CLI. From the Awesomium C API reference: TzAwesomium ...

Password Book for PC  v.1 10

If you haven't installed MS .Net Framework on your PC, please download and install from Microsoft by free.

Password Book uses 128 bit AES algorithm to encrypt your accounts information, no one can access your data without your application PIN.


Easy Pictrue2Icon  v.2.1

NET Framework. If you don't have the .NET Framework installed on your computer you must install it to be able to run the program.

EMDB  v.1.55

EMDB is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and doesn't need a .NET framework or any other external libraries. And best of all... it's free!EMDB Feature:
* Search: Fixed crash when searching if movies were deleted with fixed numbering.

RouteOne  v.

Using the app, you can:
* Create, view and manage deals and leads on the go
* Request and view credit scores

And don't is compatible with your Windows Phone IE mobile browser! Enjoy the full functionality of ...

F30 Classic Menu for Office 2010  v.2012

It doesn't require the .NET Framework. The file size is small, and it runs faster!     Easy Deploying in Enterprises and Organizations  We provide a common installation package and the Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) for users from enterprises and ...

Chat Acronyms Widget  v.1.0

Unsure of what a certain acronym means? Use this dashboard widget to look up the meaning of any acronym you don't understand. - The Computer and Internet Resource. Glossary of computer terms, answers to computer questions, a list of file ...

Vdr_remote  v.0.4

What's new in this version:- Display vdr Disk usage- User definable Tooltips for User Buttons- Fixed: Show user buttons preference option wasnA?t stored . vdr-remote-app. Get vdr-remote-app at Fast, secure and free downloads ...

Repetit.Net.T.SQLite  v.

Repetit (homoeopathisches Repetitorium) ist ein Programm, dass es ermoeglicht homoeopathische Medikamente mit ihren Symptomen und Leitsymptomen zu erfassen und gezielt nach bestimmten Symptomen zu suchen. Repetit is a homeopathic repertory with a little ...

ComponentOne Studio™ for .NET  v.2.2.20073

NET Windows Forms controls, including the ones you can't get anywhere else. The program has a number of tools that include:BarCode, Chart, DataExtender, DataObjects, DockingTab, DynamicHelp, Editor, Excel, Flash, FlexGrid, Gauges, Input, InputPanel and ...

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET  v.1.2.0

NET is a lightweight mail merge library that allows developers to generate custom documents from Word or PDF templates. The library fills out merge fields with custom data obtained either from web forms based on user input, or from a DB.

Being ...

Net Tris  v.1.4

Net Tris, not just a derivation of the classic tetris,it's the challenge you were looking.

You are looking for .... but now you needn't looking for it, because you have been found the just one!

A classic ...

EaseSoft ASP.NET Barcode Control  v.4.0.0

NET Web ServerControls use its internal HttpHandler to transfer barcode images directly to the client without any temporary files.It is the most efficient method to generate the barcodes dynamically.EaseSoft ASP.NET Barcode Web Server Control is full ...

net gives you the possibility to create easy nice graphical Buttons like known from pcGuardIT User interface. Don't waste time in creating you own solution. Simply add into your VisualStudio.NET Toolbox... that's it. And then use Imagebuttons, ...

WodFtpDLX.NET  v.1.7.5

NET 2.0 component that supports encrypted and non-encrypted FTP access to the servers for transferring files or complete directories. It supports old, very common, FTP protocol, but also secured FTPS (FTP+SSL) and SFTP (FTP+SSH). No matter what protocol ...

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