Aerobic Respiration


Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging and B  v.

Performing regular aerobic exercises would gradually make the heart larger. A bigger and larger heart would be able to provide more oxygenated blood which can be used by the muscles. This could also mean more energy whether for longer or shorter ...

Lose Weight The Natural Way

An aerobic exercise regimen burns fat, while building muscle. A fitness regimen offers many psychological benefits, but the biggest payoff comes from an improved self image. Achieving fitness goals leads to self confidence, improved body image, self ...


IcSpeech Games  v.1.0.0

icSpeech Games contains four interactive speech therapy games in a single, easy to use application. Each game can be configured to respond in real-time to the following speech parameters:

- pitch
- speech intensity
- voice intensity
- ...

Inline Skating  v.2 1

Besides giving a great aerobic workout, in-line skating also helps you get long and lean legs and tones your rear in no time. In?line skating is one of the best forms of exercise for toning the muscles in your legs and buttocks. It burns about 400 calories ...

ASIM  v.

ASIM (Activated Sludge SIMulation Program) is a simulation program, which allows for the simulation of a variety of different biological wastewater treatment systems:
Activated sludge systems with up to 10 different reactors in series (aerobic, anoxic, anaerobic), ...

Athlete Tracker  v.1.0

The software allows you to track your progress in your resistance workouts, aerobic workouts, diet, weight etc. and is the ideal tool for keeping yourself motivated and performing to the maximum. You can track fitness information for any number of users ...

Fitness Manager  v.

Fitness Manager is a utility for complete management of gyms, fitness, aerobic and health clubs including dance schools and all kind of sport clubs. This program is flexibile and designed to be easy for use. It supports work on multiple computers (LAN).

Polygraph  v.

Polygraph (popularly referred to as a lie detector) measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions.

But this software ...

Enjoy Everyday  v.

It’s said that watching beauty ten minutes is equivalent to one hour of aerobic exercise.

Through this application, you can enjoy beautiful pictures from the world. The picture will update everyday. You will find the society so harmony .


通过这个应用,你能随时随地的欣赏世界­地的美女图片。每天都会有新鲜的美女­片呈现在你的眼前。你会发现这个社会和­谐而又美好! ...

Aerobics History  v.

Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness.

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Workout Manager  v.

Add both anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

Now updated to target the latest framework and includes improved navigation and a trial period so you can try before you buy.

Java CardioPulmonary SIMulations  v.0.2.02

jCpSim (Java CardioPulmonary Simulations) is a set of Javapackages for simulation of human physiology (respiration,circulation, ...) and of medical therapy (ventilation, ...).Creation of user interfaces and therapy optimization is supported.

ZeroPace Training Log  v.3 5

Can be used for sports including triathlon, duathlon, cycling, running, swimming, rowing, aerobic classes, weights and many more. Also interacts with our Mobile and Online services so that you never miss logging a workout.

Mfer  v.1.0

, but also EEG, Respiration waveform, pulse waveform, blood pressure and so on.

MFER specialized a representation for medical waveform and removed unnecessary tags for waveform description, basically. For example, standard 12 lead ECG can be ...

SportPlanner BasketBall  v.4.0

5 page document with all skills in tables: personal data, general, offense, defense, anaerobic, aerobic, strength, strength program, etc.
-archive of your basketball plays, drills, practices - sorted
-calendar for month activity
-basketball ...

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