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Adobe Acrobat X Pro  v.

Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro software lets you deliver professional PDF communications. Create and edit PDF files with rich media included, share information more securely, and gather feedback more efficiently.

Main Features:
- Convert or ...

Active X Shield  v.5.0

Active X Spyware Stopper. Stops spyware from installing. With the latest version from Lastcomfort, which has an upgraded process sniffer, to close dubious applications from running. Complete with Hosts File Shield and Auto Update. We have worked closely ...


Novell Active X Controls  v.1.0.5

The components are packaged for quick and easy use in Windows Visual Builder and other development tools, such as Visual Basic, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Active Server Pages for the Internet Information Server, Windows Scripting Host, and Internet Explorer.

Adobe Acrobat  v.10 1

Adobe® Acrobat® X software lets you communicate easier, faster, and better with PDF. Increase your productivity by editing and reusing content, streamlining reviews, and quickly creating fillable PDF forms. It is an amazing program. It can be manipulate ...

X Font Pack (Japanese)  v.10.0

Adobe Reader X Font Packs enable you to display and interact with documents authored in languages other than those supported in your native Adobe Reader software. They are needed to correctly display a document when an author does not embed the appropriate ...


DF_ECR e' un Active X, disponibile anche in versione .Net che consente di interfacciare i
tuoi programmi con i
registratori di cassa piu' diffusi! Usando questo controllo, lo sviluppatore puo' dimenticarsi
dei protocolli di ogni
registratore ...

BLITZ - FLV Player  v.1.0

This FLV player uses your localy installed Flash 8 OCX player (Active X Control).
- drag and drop
- auto resize to FLV's dimensions
(*FLV has to contain extra metadata information for this to work)
- full Metadata display ...

PelcoMediaPlayer  v.1. 7. 2006

The Pelco Media Player is an Active X based plug-in, and therefore is only compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or higher.

Pelco Media Player is recommended for control, smoothness and reduced latency as compared to Quick Time.

Pelco ...

Treeview4GL  v.4 2

The 4GLTreeview is an easy to use Active-x control.This control is not richer than SHERIDAN or other similar controls, but in several cases, the problem to solve is quite simple… and the complexity of Microsoft-Sheridan treeview becomes THE problem.

SMTP OCX  v.2. 5. 2008

The SMTP OCX is a an Advanced Active-X Control which integrates RAS and SMTP mail protocols into one easy to manage solution.

The SMTP OCX allows you to send Email via any RFC compliant SMTP server which supports SMTP mail relaying. SMTP (Simple ...

PSI-Chart  v.1.0

PSI-Chart is an Active X chart component for creating and designing scientific and engineering chart applications with Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, or other language compilers which support the COM model. With PSI-Chart, you can develop your own professional ...

Sir AdGuard  v.1.0

Immunize your system from thousands of adsites, tracking cookies, spyware, Active-X controls, Browser Helper Objects, and more! Effectively blocks nearly 90% of all web advertisements. Sir AdGuard connects to our weekly updated AdSite Database and blocks ...

Quick Tree View  v.3 3

It generates 100% HTML output, no
Active X is required. Applications created with QTV allows users to easily navigate websites.

Registered users have the following benefits:

VB Source Code
Removal of time limit and unregistered ...

Fix 800101018 error  v.2.0

It occurs when the necessary active x object is missing or unavailable. This error also comes at times when a user is working with the visual basic component. Due to this error some necessary dll files can also corrupt as this error is a very serious ...

Quick Tab  v.2 5

It generates 100% HTML output, no Active X is required.

Applications created with Quicktab allows users to navigate through the web site easily by clicking on a standard Tab button.

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