Active Table Editor


Active Table Editor  v.

Active Table Editor helps the users edit ANY table in ANY Database.

Let's imagine following situation you have accounting software package and would like to design some additional reports. You know the database structure pretty well and created ...

PhpMyEdit: MySQL Table Editor  v.5.1

How many times have you hand coded a MySQL table editor in PHP? PHPMyEdit provides an instant table editor. All you need to do is to write a simple calling program (and there's a utility to do this) and the job's a good 'un!


Active Disk Editor  v.6.0.37

Disk Editor tool uses a simple, low-level disk viewer which displays information in binary and text modes at the same time. You can use this view to analyze the contents of data storage structure elements such as: Hard disk drives, Floppy drives, Partitions, ...

Table Editor  v.1.0.4

TableEditoR is a famous remote database administration tool written in pure ASP. You may browse your tables and queries, add, edit and delete records, execute sql statements and more.

Why pay for other database administration packages when ...

Active Photo Editor  v.1 4

Program for image editing and screenshots capture.

Main features:

- images editing
- layers support
- capture screenshots
- apply filters
- draw lines and shapes
- import from camera
- print images ...

Table Smart Editor  v.1.0

Smart Table Editor is a powerful database editor for free designed to work in with IIS. Supports Microsoft Access 2003/2007 and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Allows you to view all the tables in any database and lets you edit, delete, insert ...

XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor  v.1 5

XmlShell, the ultimate lightweight XML editor, is a Windows-based XML editor. It's fast, powerful, flexible, and intuitive.
Main features:
1. True side-by-side XML tree structural view and table/editor/browser views:
You can make changes ...

ExTables  v.2.1.0

You can live editing your table data, exporting them or fire any SQL queries online with no pain.

EasySQL  v.1 1

Contains SQL editor and executor. Table editor, data retrieve and migration tools. Plug-in has extensions to be used in other projects that need database connectivity. If text is selected, only the selected text will be executed. If database is selected, ...

AcadExcel CAD Table Tool  v.1.0

But when it comes to draw a Table, it's not convenient at all. It's really boring and knotty to add a table to your AutoCAD drawing. You have to draw many lines, add many text objects to build a table. If you are a creative engineer, you don't like ...

MS Access Editor Software  v.7.0

Besides allowing easy edition of any table in the database, this time saving application has an export feature for saving tables as Text, Excel CSV, PDF or XML files. This user-friendly application allows easy customization of tables for a variety of ...

TmWorks Tilelevel Studio

tmWorks Tilelevel Studio is a cross-platform generic 2d tile based level editor.

DbForge Studio for MySQL  v.7.2

Tools for MySQL database administration and management include means for managing user privileges, MySQL service control, managing server variables, table maintenance, etc.
* Data Analysis
* Data Comparison and Sync
* Data Editor
* ...

FamilyTable.Works  v.1.0

Works is a SolidWorks add-in application that offers an advanced version of the 'Design Table' functionality.

It allows creating tables of variable parameters, similar to 'Design Table', but it provides more flexibility and power.


TeXstudio  v.2.5.2

Powerful Text Editor based on QCodeEdit Interactive spell checker which marks spelling mistakes while you type them Interactive grammar checker which marks grammar mistakes using LanguageTool Interactive reference checker which marks wrong reference/label ...

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