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Advanced CATaloguer

The program features: powerful search capabilities using boolean expressions; search of duplicates - lets users locate duplicate documents - all this without physically accessing the disks; file management function; monitoring of changes on a hard disk.

Esp Vision

"Keep track of what your child does when he/she is using the computer or accessing the Internet...". ESP+ is powerful and can be used for monitoring children, students, co-workers, or just about anyone else! ESP+ Monitoring runs hidden in the background ...


Internet Lock

Internet Lock is an access control and password protection software for your Internet programs, it can deny or password protect any program and connection from accessing the Internet. Internet Lock works with the "Rules" mode: you can add one or more ...

PaGoDump for PostgreSQL

PaGoDump does not block other users accessing the database (readers or writers), also it works with databases with any names (unicode) and dump them to any files (unicode again).

LockYourKeyboard  v.1.2

LockYourKeyboard is an elegantly simple software lock that parents install on the computer and use to prevent toddlers from accessing the computer while they are away. LockYourKeyboard can lock the keyboard, mouse, Power button and CD/DVD ...

Remote Disconnection Utility (Client)  v.

Twiga's Remote Disconnection Utility (RDU) is comprised of two applications - one which runs on the server (the PC with the modem) and one which runs on the clients (any other machine accessing the modem on the server). Using Internet Connection Sharing ...

Isabel Security Components  v.6.21.0012

Also, if you do not install these components, you will not be able to begin the procedure for accessing the Isabel 6 Services.

Bio Firewall  v.1.0

It's block programs that you select from accessing the internet, and in that way, you're protected from most of the trojans and spywares.
Bio Firewall is very easy to use, and it's absoulutly free.

Backup Premium  v.2. 7. 2002

Backup Premium is the most practical application for everyday needs.

Backup Premium is a powerful utility for secure and reliable backup of your valuable data. Working with SFTP and FTP SSL protocols the user can be absolutely confident in ...

Tipard iPhone 4 Video Converter  v.

Tipard iPhone 4 Video Converter, the most practical and easy-to-use video file converter for iPhone 4, This multifunctional iPhone 4/white iPhone 4 Video Converter also allows you to edit video, such as joining video, splitting video, cropping the video ...

Sysinternals Toolbox WebDAV  v.3. 9. 2011

The new Sysinternals Toolbox release is now directly accessing the utilities from the Sysinternals WebDAV sever on the Internet. All utilities there are always current and maintained by the Sysinternals team. Many of you, uses quite a few of the Sysinternals ...

PowerHMI  v.10.2.955

PowerHMI© enables users to configure the product to certain applications by accessing the operating system and scaling it to meet their needs. Movicon PowerHMI© is easy-to-use and designed to give you a very intuitive and rapid environment for you to ...

Doc2PDF  v.11. 2. 2001

This is a most powerful tool and the most practical choice to perform doc 2 pdf conversion instantly. The most striking element of the converter is the effective usage of the technically advanced algorithms. This algorithm plays a very important role ...

Smir  v.1.0

The information is stored to the text file without accessing the Windows registry. If you switch your monitor resolution the icons shortcuts position on the Windows desktop becomes scrambled.
Smir allows to save the unlimited number of the desktop ...

Visual WinHelp  v.3.0

The simple word processor interface makes accessing the powerful features easy. Visual WinHelp supports fully customizing the help window size and position, compression, and indexing. Adding a link to a website or email address can be done in two clicks.

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