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BudgetSwift  v.1.0

You have discovered software that unlocks a unique and powerful formula for home budget planning.
You know, when you use BudgetSwift to plan your budget, the most surprising thing is that it just works. Not like software that barely works, more like ...


$2,000 Wedding Planners Tell All! Learn how to plan the elegant wedding of your dreams on a tight budget. Planning a Wedding on Budget has never been easier!


PersonalAccountingSoftware  v.1.1

PersonalAccountingSoftware helps you to manage your finances, it can help you get out of debt by keep track of your money, it gives you budget planning tools to stick to your budget it also allows import of data from bank accounts via the qif format, ...

Captain Mnemo Lite  v.1 2

Everything from important corporate budget planning to vacation photos comes digital. And as we enjoy this new electronic world we sometimes seem to forget how many potential threats are out there. That is why computer security becomes the major issue ...

HomeEco  v.3.5

You can select plain or budgeted accountancy; make a budget planning for year to come; open unlimited numbers of accounts; printout transactions of your choice, to a file, to your printer or to the screen; decide your own account names and transactions ...

MyMoney-go-round money matters software  v.alpha.0.1

The aim is to put cashflow forecasting and budget planning tools into the hands of the ordinary person, enabling people to easily check for losses if they need to, and to make more of their money otherwise.

AEC Budget  v.4.0

AEC Budget as innovative budgeting tool that helps to estimate the resources under project execution, making it to plan by extending tight integration to MS Project. The tool helps in managing critical and accurate inputs like resources and utilization ...

Actual Personal Budget - Lite

How to see and control where my money is going?
What is the expense item that takes most money?
Actual Personal Budget makes it simple to see where your money is going by automatically flowing together all your income/expense items in one convenient ...


Budget is based on the tried and true "Envelope" method of budgeting - a much easier way to see where your money is, where it's needed, and where it went. Budget is a personal finance application based on the proactive envelope model rather than the ...

Actual Personal Budget  v.1 3

Actual Personal Budget is a shareware application that makes it possible for us to control our budget in the easiest way. This program features a smart and friendly graphical user interface. We can enter our income and expenses on a monthly basis and ...

XTime Planning  v.1.5

xTime Planning is an incredibly useful tool to manage the people of your organization or company.Our goal was to make the user experience as instinctive and unconscious as possible. xTime Planning is really a powerful schedule's management tool which ...

AxProject  v.2010 3.25 Build 992

Project planning program to power with fewer efforts. Project management tool AxProject is an innovative functionality enriched software. Staying simple to use, the software assumes the best practices and features available in program for project management.

PLite4ME  v.4 54

Lesson planning for Teachers, all subjects covered in database format, suits Primary, Middle & Secondary. Has import, spell checking, clipboard, find & replace, preview schemes & print facilities, plus Full Word Processor with Thesaurus/Dictionary access.

Abassis Finance Manager  v.

Once you start the program, the wizard will guide you thoroughly to complete all the information about your budget and your finances. On the Accounts menu, you can introduce your bank account, credit card account, pocket and savings accounts; then you ...

Fleet Manager  v.4.0.4

Fleet Manager also greatly simplifies calculating accumulated depreciation to aid in fleet budget planning, doing in hours what probably has taken days or weeks to do manually. It essentially provides a fleet "gaming" system for out year budget planning.

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