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The Copy/Cut feature for MOSS 2007/WSS 3  v.1.0

The feature is a powerful tool for copy/cut documents between document libraries.

SharePoint Scanner Plug-in Professional  v.6.0

SharePoint Scanner Plug-in Professional is a strong tool for scanning documents right into a document library. Scanner Plug-in is realized as set of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 features and distributed as SharePoint solution (wsp).

Sharepoint Quick Launch  v.2.0

Websio Quick Launch is a simple and powerfull Web Part that allows you to start applications right from portal site.

SharePoint Aggregated Data Roller  v.1.0

SharePoint Aggregated Data Roller (version for MOSS 2007 was called Websio List Ticker and Aggregator) displays aggregated data from multiple lists and/or sites as scrolled marquee.The Web Part supports: 1. Simple and Advanced mode 2. Single or

Send Mail as Attachment Feature for SharePoint  v.6.0

The feature is a useful tool for sending documents and pictures as attachments from Microsoft SharePoint 2010 libraries.

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