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Vector Fields  v.1.0

Study vector fields with this tool. A vector field is a field which associates a vector to every point in the field space. Vector fields are often used in physics to model observations which include a direction for each point of the observed space.

Varactor Diode  v.1.0

Analyze diodes with this utility. Varactor Diode enable users to select from various doping profiles, spanning all commonly used concentration profiles, from hyperabrupt, over abrupt to linear. The corresponding characteristic of the diode is

Travelling Salesman  v.1.2

Solve the traveling salesman problem with this tool. Travelling Salesman apply a circular Kohonen map to the traveling salesman problem. Users can set up a number of randomly distributed cities (depicted by the little houses),

Sector Field MS  v.2.1

Analyze ions separation fast and easy. Sector Field MS simulate the separation of ions of different masses in a magnetic sector field. Users can adjust both the accelerating voltage and the magnetic field strength, and select from a small number of

Sampling Theorem  v.1.0

Study the sampling theorem with this tool. Sampling Theorem can display the consequences of the sampling theorem. You may select from several predefined signal shapes, sampling them at different frequencies.

Riemann Sum  v.1.0

Calculate Riemann Sums with this tool. Riemann Sum can calculate the Riemann Sums for various functions. The user may adjust the width of the slices to see the convergence of the Riemann sum towards the actual area under a curve. In addition, the

RGB Color Mix  v.1.0

Create your colors with this tool. RGB Color Mix enable you to set the three basic colors - red, green, and blue - to mix any color. In addition the HTML color code can be copied from a text field. The RGB color model utilizes the additive model in

Resonant Circuit  v.1.0

Study the Dirac impulse with this tool. Resonant Circuit help you analyze the reaction of a series RLC combination to a Dirac impulse. Users can set the parameters of the three components and can immediately see the effect of the components.

Regression and Rotated Data  v.1.0

Analyze regression line with this tool. Regression and Rotated Data enable you to uncorrelate data by rotating a data set around the origin. The corresponding regression models (both the direct and the inverse model) are calculated and displayed.

Radiation Pattern of two Aerials  v.1.0

Study antennas with this utility. Radiation Pattern of two Aerials enable you to study the effect of distance and phase shift of two coupled antennas. As the length of a single linear antenna increases, a characteristic deterioration in directivity

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