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Secure Or Not  v.1.2

Secure Or Not is a Firefox add-on that shows whether the links on a page are secure or not. Turn it on via the context menu or Ctrl-Shift-S. The http links on the webpage would be bordered by red dashed lines;

Packed Menu  v.1.3

Packed Menu is a Firefox add-on that hides the main menu and replace it with a button. The main menu is shown when the button is clicked.his extension adds a button "M" to the menu bar. And the original main menus are hidden.

Invert Input  v.3.0

Invert Input is a Firefox extension that inverts the text you enter in various fields. No matter what reason you want to invert your input to the browser, you can do it with this extension now.

Boss Key and Buttons  v.2.1

Boss Key and Buttons is a Firefox extension, can hide Firefox in less than a second by pressing F12 or the the left and right buttons of the mouse. Make those embarrassing windows disappear in a second.Boss Key and Buttons Features: 1. Press the F12

Autohide Tabbar  v.2.6.1

Autohide Tabbar is a Firefox extension that auto-hides the tab bar. By moving the mouse to the edge of where the tab bar was, you can make the tab bar show up again.Right click on the tab bar, you can see a menu item of "Autohide Tabbar".

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