Software Developed by shockfun

X-Ray Simulator  v.

Now includes the ability to use your own custom images and text in x-rays! X-Ray Simulator is a fun visual gag to play on friends, co-workers, family, strangers, etc. You can do gag x-rays on the arm, head and body. The x-ray visual responds to your

That Crazy Squirrel  v.

Look who's crashing the party - It's That Crazy Squirrel! Spice up your ordinary pictures by adding a hilarious crasher, or two, or three. Don't see the crazy picture you'd like to add? No problem,

Goo Studio  v.

Goo your friends, goo your family, goo your enemies! Goo Studio lets you turn ordinary pictures into silly putty and reshape them like nothing you have ever seen using only your fingers and your Windows Phone!

Cubed  v.

v1.4 Includes new sensitivity setting Cubed is a fresh take on the falling block game style. Responsive touch controls allow for smooth, relaxing gameplay. A new feature is the 'Undo' button, which allows you to fix any mistake. Beautiful colors

Cookie Crunch  v.

Cookie Matching Fun! Can you match and munch the cookies before the oven fills up? Line em' up and Crunch em' down.

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