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TrayIcon Standard  v.1.4.60

TrayIcon Standard is a Windows 95/98/NT system tray manager that allows you to easily add, edit, delete, and re-order your software icons in the system tray. Other features include: security, foreign language support,

TrayIcon Explorer  v.1.4.131

TrayIcon Explorer allows you to quickly access any folder or disk drive on your system or network using the system tray and adds an icon to the system tray which when clicked brings up a menu containing shortcuts to the directories you use most

MetaProducts MailChecker  v.1.2.201

MetaProducts MailChecker accesses your POP3 mail accounts to report you a list of incoming E-mails with the capability to delete SPAM before you receive it.

MetaProducts Inquiry  v.1.9.571 SR4

Web Organizer: The premier Internet Information Management system, MetaProducts Inquiry makes Internet research a snap! Collect, organize and view information from the Web on your terms, quickly and easily.

MetaProducts DeskTool  v.3.3.208

MetaProducts DeskTool is a desktop toolbar designed to give you easy access to frequently-used applications by displaying an organized row of buttons from which to choose.

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