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WNMap  v.20060520

WNMap is a wireless network map display based on Google Map.

Shocto  v.rc.0.6

[Now hosted on Github.

Selenium DSL  v.

A DSL for working with Selenium and Java.

Mathrefplugin  v.0.1

A plugin for JabRef.

LibSieve  v.2.2.7

Sieve is a mail filtering language standardized as RFC 3028 / RFC 5228 and its extensions.

JSR 272 Mobile TV API -Evaluation Pack-  v.1.0

The Unofficial Home to JSR 272 Mobile TV API Tests and Evaluation --- PROVIDED AS IS, FOR EVALUATION PURPOSE ONLY.

JCrypTool - Eclipse based Crypto Toolkit  v.86.64

JCrypTool moved to GitHub!

HenPlus JDBC SQL-Shell  v.0.9.8

HenPlus is a SQL shell that can handle multiple sessions in parallel.

Gted  v.1.5.5

gted moved to github:https://github.

FFPOJO - Flat File POJO Parser  v.0.1

The FFPOJO Project is a Flat-File Parser, POJO based, library for Java applications.

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