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Story Changer  v.1.0

Customize a story for you and your friends. Story Changer enable you to change the details in a story. After you have customized it, you can save and print it.Note: 1. The left column contains a list of interesting words that are used in the story on

Space Erase  v.1.0

Space Erase can overwrite available disk space to erase deleted files.Note: 1. When you "delete" a file, your operating system simply marks the file's disk space as being available for re-use. The file is actually still there. 2. If you fill your

Scrapbook Freeware  v.1.0

Assemble an artistic collage of your photos. Scrapbook enable you to design collages.Note: 1. In the Shape panel, you can even type a "text shape". 2. In the Fill panel, click "Images..." to load your own digital photos. 3. Loading images is done in

Mail Sender  v.1.0

Tiny send-only email program. Mail Sender is a little utility designed to enable you to send emails. At the top, enter your account information for any SMTP mail host.Note: 1. The "To" field looks like it only accepts a single line, but actually it

Mail Bin  v.1.0

Deletes spam before downloading your email. Mail Bin enable you to clean spam from your mail. The software works like this: at the lower left, enter your email account information. A Black List is easiest to start, so uncheck Mail Bin -> White List.

Keep One  v.1.0

Eliminate duplicate files. Keep One enable you to remove duplicate files.Note: 1. Keep One is very careful to always "keep one" of the duplicate files. 2. You don't have to wait for Keep One to finish "processing" files. You can drag-and-drop more

Image Viewer Freeware  v.1.0

Image Viewer is a simple image viewer, enable you to view all the images in any folder. Image Viewer looks into sub-folders, too. Image Viewer even shows images that are inside zip file.Note: 1. Image Viewer looks into sub-folders, too. 2. Image

Clipboard Counter  v.1.0

See the size of anything copied to the clipboard. Clipboard Counter enable you to view detailed information about your clipboard content. Select some text and copy it to the Clipboard. Clipboard Counter reads the clipboard, and counts the characters,

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