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TV Listings  v.

Find out what's on TV today anytime with a few taps of your finger. Scroll through 100 TV channels in this TV Guide app or select an hour. When selecting by channel icon, you see a list of all programs on that network by hour. Browsing by hour

Symptom Checker  v.

Powerful Medical symptom checker in your Windows Phone This app uses genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic to determine the diseases that propably matches with the your symtomps. Use this app to discover the most common causes of the most common

No mas numeros 900  v.

No vuelvas a gastar dinero llamando a un teléfono 900, 902 u 800 Cada vez que vayas a llamar a un teléfono 900, 902 u 800consulta esta aplicación para ver si se conocen números de teléfono alternativos y gratuitos Puedes buscar por número de

Horoscope Digest  v.

Daily horoscope digest from AOL, Yahoo, MSN Live, cosmopolitan,,,, and more All in one application, dont waste time browsing diferent horoscopes, here you will find all in

First Aid by Symptoms  v.

A straightforward and easy-to-use application, First Aid by Symptoms helps you narrow down what's ailing you, so you can provide a fast response to common symptoms. Type the main symptom or keyword (such as a rapid pulse, headache,

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