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QR Helper  v.

Introduction QR Helper can help you scan one-dimensional bar code and 2D barcodes including QR Code, UPC code, EAN code etc. According to the result you can send mail, or send text messages, or call the number, or save as a contact and so on.

MyUnitConverter  v.

This application can easily convert various units,. Easy to use! Enter the units you want to convert, click to see the results of other units. Supports the following types: Length, Weight, Area, Volume, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Heat, Data,

Huarong Road  v.

v1.6 - Add a new theme about Windows Phone. - Auto select UI language by system settings. Please re-open the game if you select "Auto". - Update OpenXLive to version 0.9.9. You can log on OpenXLive by your social account such as Twitter, Facebook and

Currency Exchanger  v.

Introduction Get currency exchange rate easily! Currency Exchanger updates exchange rates on demand, or automatically. An Internet connection is required to update currencies exchange rates. But rates can still be accessed and converted using the

Biorhythms Chart  v.

Biorhythms for beginners Biorhythm charts illustrate the principle that we are influenced by physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles. The cycles start at a middle point at birth, and then go up and down from this point at different rates

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