Software Developed by VyPRESS Research, LLC

WinMessenger  v.2. 8. 2004

WinMessenger is a replacement for the standard Messenger Service, 'net send', and WinPopup tools. It is an easy to use program that allows you to send and receive messages from computer to computer in real-time without using dedicated servers.

Vypress Tonecast  v.1 3

Vypress Tonecast is high-fidelity audio broadcasting software for local area networks. Vypress Tonecast allows you to easily setup and utilise your own ?radio?

Vypress Chat

Vypress Chat is designed for office and home networks. It is fully self-configurable, works with both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX network protocols, doesn't require a dedicated server and automatically maintains a list of online users in the network. Vypress Chat

Vypress Auvis  v.3.0

Vypress Auvis (see screen shot) is a user-friendly one-way message client that resides in your PC's system tray and allows you to receive messages from network administrators. It is a message processor only, and does not allow you to send messages.

NWSend  v.5.0

NWSend allows sending and receiving messages between Novell NetWare users that have Client32 installed. The program sends messages using the same protocol as standard NetWare utility does,

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