Software Developed by Stanley

Transformer Fish  v.

Like Aquarium type game? this game is more than that Try control your fish to hit with the same type of fish and gain score, but each times, your fish would becomes bigger and bigger and transform to another fish, be careful But you can eat pill to

Towers Solitaire  v.

A new type of solitaire, try win as much score as possible version 1.5 - bug fix + performance tunning version 1.4 - minor adjustment version 1.3 - bugs fix also, and some performance tune up version 1.2 - some bugs fix version 1.1 - added new

Table Bridge  v.

Do you like card game? Do you like german bridge?

Pocket Finance  v.

Pocket Finance would help you to keep track of your daily expenses, project expenses, wedding expenses, trip expenses ... etc. It have Account, Book and Transaction 3 modules to help to keep track of those expenses. Also, analysis reports on both

Jewel Craft Free  v.

Version 1.2: adControl updated Version 1.1: bug fix Jewel Craft is a fun game, you can win the score and money by clicking the adjacents jewels 5 magic can be used to help on it. Try win as high score as possible, try it and Enjoy!! it is

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