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Wave Joiner Software

Wave joiner software to design for merging multiple wave audio files into single big file without degrading sound quality. WAV files combiner is able to handle multiple large size files to add into big wav file and save it at user defined place.

Text to Voice Converter

Text to voice speech reader software reads all text contents like eBook, web pages, RSS feeds, PDF, word, excel, plain text, email, html, rtf file and save it to wave format. You can simply play this file in future using PC audio players, mp3, iPod, zune

Merge Images into PDF  v.

Merge Images into PDF software converts picture to PDF, photo to PDF and snapshot to PDF.

JPEG to PDF Online

Jpg snaps image files to pdf converting software utility convert jpeg image to pdf, pic to pdf. Screenshots converter product convert snaps photo scan to pdf document. Snap to pdf creator utility modify stills scan printout to pdf, snapshot to pdf.

Converting JPG to PDF  v.

Jpeg picture to pdf converting tool convert jpg image document into pdf format very easily. Jpeg snaps to pdf convert utility helps converting multiple jpeg files into pdf files.

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