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Zombies vs Penguins 2  v.1.0

Zombies vs Penguins 2 is the brandnew sequel of the fun physics-based shooting game. Play the penguin mode and kill all undead opponents by using your awesome laser gun. Gain a higher score for head shots. Much fun.

Zombies vs Penguins  v.1.0

A man of the crashed aircraft crashed in a cemetery, the large amount of radioactive material out, so that dead body into a terrible zombie, zombie resurrection he was about to attack a small penguin, Penguin Warrior in this time appeared.

Zombie Shooter 2  v.1.0

What are the best kind of bullets to kill zombies? The kind that hit them in the brain. Zombie Shooter 2 will have you popping zombie heads with zee lead. Meet this awesome zombie shooter at high noon in Undead Man's Gulch.

Zombie Mart  v.1.0

There is a great trouble on the Planet Earth 99,9 per cent of people have turned into zombies. But this doesn't mean that the life has stopped! Moreover, it became even more interesting dead people are people too.

Wheely 3  v.1.0

An interesting puzzle game with elements of quest. Help a little car named Wheely pass its way from a dump yard to a rally tournament. Drive through 15 amazing levels and become a rally star. Ready? Start your engine.

Wheely 2  v.1.0

Here you will learn more about the further adventures of a car named Wheely. In Episode 2 you will help him again this time to draw attention of a beautiful female car. Hurry up Wheely has fallen in love at first sight!

Village Cuties  v.1.0

Today the girls are going to a new coffee shop that just opened, and they want to wear clothes that showcase their personalities. Wearing clothes is about showing the world who you are and what you like.

Unique MakeUp  v.1.0

Betty is a part-time musician who sings and plays several different kinds of instruments. In this game you can give Betty a unique look by choosing eye make-up that is both decorative and different. Some of the eye shadow designs have flowers.

Traffic Policeman  v.1.0

A town without traffic lights needs your help. Direct the traffic, stopping cars, helping them go, and calling in helicopters to keep the traffic on the roads clear.

Tower Siege  v.1.0

The only way to topple these towers is by removing all of their colorful bricks. Earn money by making combinations and spend it to hire warriors or rocks launchers. Kill the enemies before they reach the top of the tower. Good luck.

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