Software Developed by Shark007

X64 Components Addon  v.4.0.7

Do you want to watch your favorite video in MediaCenter?

X64 Components  v.2 9

The Application allows each user to maintain individual codec settings while at the same time seamlessly integrating any administrative commands directly into the users account.

Win8codecs  v.1.5.1

This codec collection will offer you the possibility to view your preferred movies without needing to download separate codecs for each format.

Win7codecs  v.3. 2. 2007

The codec packs contains a Settings Application to use in conjunction with your windows media center setup which will enable each user to choose different splitters and decoders for specific filetypes.

Vista Codec Package

With this package installed, you shouldn't need to install any other codec or filter

MetaFox  v.1.0.7

A simple to use video file converter.

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