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Void Moon Times  v.

The app shows void moon (in Astrology) times for the next 10 days (a void moon is the period from its last major aspect until it transits to the next sign). The Live Tile shows whether a void moon is in progress or not, and when it ends (or begins)

Space Emoticons Pro  v.3 2

Space Emoticons Pro lets you insert animated emoticons and smileys into your emails and message board posts with one mouse click.

Remove Toolbar Buddy  v.5.0.1

Remove Toolbar Buddy helps when your web browser is attacked by harmful toolbars. Harmful toolbars display advertising, spy, steal personal information and do not provide a way to uninstall them.

Remove Startup Programs Buddy  v.

Most install files set the program to open up with your computer starts up. This might sometimes slow down the process of getting started and you might feel frustrated about this slow performance.

Remove about:blank Buddy

Remove about:blank Buddy is a powerful utility to remove unwanted Internet Explorer about:blank home page. Remove about:blank Buddy lets you keep default home page from changing by disabling home page hijackers and restoring original configuration. Remove

Quick Chart Free  v.

Quick Chart is a tool for the hobbyist and professional astrologer,

Pretty Animated Emoticons  v.3 2

Popular software to express emotions in emails and message board posts. Lets you insert lovely animated emoticons into any popular email software, online email services, message boards and forums. Contains a lot of emoticons.

Lazy Web Search  v.2.0.0050

If you use your computer day in day out, you are bound to use a search engine widely. Here is a smart tool that will allow you to reach the web-searching engine in just a second.

Golden Keywords  v.4.11.0062

Innovative search engine optimization and keyword research solution allowing webmasters automate the entire process of picking relevant keywords for given web site.

E-mail Talker  v.4.0.0017

Email Talker is one of the smartest tools available on the current market to read your e-mails. It is one of those revolutionary tools which make your online life easier to a great extent.

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