Software Developed by Play Buddy

Zooma Buddy - Yahoo  v.1 2

Zooma Buddy is Zuma auto designed specifically to use internal Zuma strategy to solve puzzles. Zooma Buddy - Yahoo is a great bot for you that will prove to be the ultimate Zuma companion.

WordRacer Buddy  v.2 8

Word Racer Buddy is an invaluable tool for Yahoo Word Racer players.

Twist Buddy  v.1 2

This specialized Text Twist auto scans your game board automatically then uses its internal Text Twist strategy to find and play all possible solutions.

Tumblee Buddy - Pogo Version  v.2 4

Tumblee Buddy makes Tumble Bees easy and fun, by automatically playing for you and/or showing and playing hints. No matter the difficulty level, this high-flying Tumble Bees bot uses advanced strategy to ensure it is the 'ultimate' helper.

Trivia Buddy  v.1 1

Trivia Buddy is a board game bot that scans your Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 game board automatically. It then uses impressive answer collecting strategy to play the game for you (and/or show and play you hints).

TriPeak Buddy - Pogo  v.3 1

Tripeak Buddy is a Pogo Tri-Peaks Solitaire auto that constantly scans your game board and uses internal Tri-peaks solitaire strategy to find the best solution to the puzzle.

TootSweet Buddy  v.3 4

A specialized Pogo Sweet Tooth auto, TootSweet Buddy automatically flips flops and swaps the candy using an internal Sweet Tooth strategy thus solving the puzzles for you.

Super Domino Buddy - Pogo Version  v.1 4

Domino Buddy is a domino bot that scans your game board automatically, color codes the dominoes for easy tracking, and uses impressive domino strategy to play the game for you (and/or show you hints).

Super Domino Buddy  v.1 4

Super Domino Buddy is a feature-rich assistant for Pogo Super Dominoes players. By scanning the Domino game board, the game provides a miniaturized display of the bones and color-codes them for easy tracking.

Stellar Buddy - Pogo  v.1 1

Created for Pogo's Stellar Sweeper puzzle game, this unique Stellar Sweeper cheat uses complex puzzle-solving strategy to automatically complete puzzles on any difficulty level, efficiently and quickly.

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