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TastyTongues  v.

This is an application project potentials of Hotels,Ice-Cream Par lours,Restaurants to the fullest and gives user a chance to brag about it. Share your experience about food you had with your friend. Post on Face Book. So let the world know where the

SMSMultiLanguageCompose  v.

This is a SMS MultiLanguage Composer. It is used to translate SMS text from one language to another. It contain target language , in which select a known language to you so that you can write SMS in that language. Then you have source languages.

IndianRecipe  v.

CookBook v1.0 In this version we give you lot of Recipes for preparation. You can search them according to courses. You can also mark recipe as Favorite recipe so later you can also see only your favorite Recipe. Speak functionality is also added


Free Version of Facebook Multilanguage Post is an WP 7 Mango application which can do multilanguage post on to your friends wall in facebook. The user logs in into his/her facebook account. User selects the source and target language(s).

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