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Web Design 201 - Deeper Into XHTML  v.1.0

Now that you’ve got the Basics of XHTML down, it’s time to get way deeper.

Reason 6 401 - Reason's Mixing Toolbox  v.1.0

Learn how operate the amazing new console and mixing tools included in Reason 6.

Reason 6 203 - The Echo  v.1.0

New to Reason’s Rack is The Echo, The Echo, The Echo.

Reason 6 103 - Working With Midi  v.1.0

MIDI is the fuel that powers all of Reason's mind-blowing instruments.

Reason 6 102 - Reason Fundamentals  v.1.0

Before you can dive into any DAW you’ve got to know the basic workings and layout of the program.

Reason 5 106 - The Combinator  v.1.0

3 hours of videos that will show you how to use the Combinator in exciting new ways for bigger synths, better beats, and masterful remixes!

Pro Tools 10 103 - Recording Audio  v.1.0

Master the art of recording audio in these AVID Learning Partner tutorial-videos by one of macprovideo.

Pro Tools 10 102 - Exploring The Workspace  v.1.0

Every DAW has its own unique way of making music and manipulating sound.

Pro Tools 10 101 - Introduction to Pro Tools  v.1.0

Learn all about the Pro Tools 10 software, its history and various configurations as well as the science behind how it processes audio.

Pro Tools 10 100 - What's New In Pro Tools 10  v.1.0

Pro Tools 10 is here, and with it comes some highly anticipated new features.

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