Software Developed by Nirmit Kavaiya

Time Sync  v.

Time Sync is the easiest way to stay informed about time in different Cities, Countries or Time Zones. Add, manage and reorder clocks for different Cities to check current time. You can add cities from a list of 6,500+ cities available in the App.

Text Templates  v.

The Easiest way to store Text Templates and resend them as Message, Email, or copy & paste them in other Apps. Create and Manage a list of Text Templates that you use often and send them as Message, Email, or use them in other Apps when you want.

Sparrow's Compass  v.

The Jack Sparrow's Compass which will point North instead of the thing you want most in this

NowPlaying Quick  v.

Quickly share the current song playing in Music + Videos Hub to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Windows Live. The App will use your phone's built-in Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Windows Live account for sharing. Use dedicated In-App buttons

NowPlaying  v.

Share the NowPlaying song from Music + Videos Hub quickly to Twitter, Facebook and other networks. Edit tweet text, Choose from different Tweet Formats available, or Create custom Formats and share it the way you want. Use the In-App Twitter and

Group Sending  v.

Group Sending is the easiest app to send Messages or E-Mail in group. It has intuitive User Interface to add / manage groups and people. Just one button to compose group message or mail for sending. You can add any number of groups or people in a

Gestulator  v.

Gestulator is a simple and clean Gesture based Calculator. Use the number pad to enter values, Swipes for arithmetic operations, and other Gestures to clear, remove, and copy values. v 1.1 • Four new arithmetic operations • Added Gesture to

Forward Contacts  v.

Forward Contacts is the easiest app to forward Contact information of your friends from People hub via Message, E-Mail or QR code. Select a contact from the list, pick up the details you want to forward, even add more details and you are ready for

Forward Contact  v.

Forward Contact is a streamlined App for forwarding Contact from your Windows Phone. You can send the contact details as SMS, E-Mail or create a QR code and scan it to easily save it. Forwarding a contact's details with this App takes just few

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