Software Developed by Megatech Software GmbH

MegaView3D 2011  v.1.0

MegaView3D 2011 is a free software tool that allows you to work with both 2d and 3d images.

MegaCAD Lt 2007  v.20 7

MegaCAD Lt is the CAD software for new and occasional users. Use it to produce precise, technical illustrations, basic sketches, product specifications, presentations, diagrams, plans or infographics quickly and easily.

MegaCAD 3D  v.

MegaCAD 3D is the ideal synthesis of an innovative solid and surface modeling system and a full-feature 2D drafting program.

MegaCAD 2D 2010  v.20 9

MegaCAD 2D is a professional design and drafting tool for practitioners. Its suitability for everyday use has been regularly proven by its successful application in widely different types of business.

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