Software Developed by Measurement And Conversion Software

WinThermO  v.1.1

WinThermO is a graphical, interactive, temperature conversion and display utilility.

TimeAfterTime  v.1.1

TimeAfterTime is a powerful Multi-Timer application.

SayOClock  v.1.2.2

A Talking Digital Clock which speaks 'on demand', or according to a schedule (at specific time intervals, between the times of day you select), using either pre-recorded 'Real Speech' or Text To Speech (TTS).

IEToggle  v.1.14

IEToggle lets you set a hotkey or click an icon in the System Tray to either open, or immediately locate and pop to the forefront, open page(s) of a specified web site/application running in Internet Explorer.

FileAnnounce  v.1.1

FileAnnounce monitors network directories/LAN shares used for document sharing, and alerts users of the share (via email) whenever a new document is added to the directory tree, removed from it, or moved from one sub-directory to another.

DataRelate  v.1.2

DataRelate is a data storage, data rate, network address and base conversion utility.

AppTrak  v.1.1

AppTrak is a powerful application monitoring utility which sits in the system tray, and monitors and reports on application set up and application use.

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