Software Developed by LuJoSoft

Skyrim Script Editor Pro  v.

Skyrim Script Editor is a tool to replace the Creation Kit's default script editor. It provides the same functionality, as well as dozens of other features - some the same as other script editors, like Sublime Papyrus, and many unique to SSE.

SecureFiles  v.1.0.3393.11985

SecureFiles is a tool that enables you to encrypt your private files so that no one else can read them. The program features Rijndael encryption algorithm and secure key creation from given password.

PassGenOrganizer  v.1.0

This software will help you create strong password and save them in a database along with the username and the link. Then when needed just open the application and copy the password to your browser.

PaintAlbum  v.1.0

PaintAlbum is a paint bucket coloring program. You can load any kind of picture format. Plus you can use any size of picture you want.

MP3Renamer  v.1.0

This program lets you browse to a specified directory, and rename any MP3s you want there to match their ID3 tags. It does error checking for invalid characters in the filenames, duplicate filenames, and MP3s where the entire tag is missing.

LuJoSoftTakeOwnership  v.1.0.0

LuJoSoft TakeOwnership Introduction: If you are windows vista user then you will be knowing the file ownership and permissions related issues and now it is extended to windows 7 too, but Windows XP users experimenting with Windows 7 might not know ab

LuJoSoftShutDown v3  v.3.0.0

Just a little utility update from LuJoSoft Shutdown 2.

LuJoSoftDb  v.1.0.0

Introduction: LuJoSoftDb is fully integrated with TmDb, themoviedb.

LuJoSoftCdRipper  v.1.0.3386

Just a little program for ripping music cd to MP3 format. This program is using a sound library called BASS. This is a sound library that provides you with various static functions for playing, creating, streaming and recording sound.

LuJoSoft Watermark Pro  v.

Powerful and simple watermarking utility that may be used to add watermarks to any supported image file format. The resulting application shall permit the user to open any supported image file format into a scrollable panel, to define the text to be

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