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Lingobit Localizer  v.7.0

Lingobit Localizer is a powerful software localization tool for Visual C++/MFC, Delphi, .NET and Java applications. State of the art automatic tools for QA, translation reuse and project management guarantee high productivity and outstanding quality.

Lingobit Extractor

Lingobit Extractor extracts hardcoded strings from C++ sources. It replaces hardcoded strings with a code template that loads them from resources and creates an RC file with extracted text. For example, printf(L"Hello, world!"); will be automatically

LabelMee Software Rebranding

Powerful software rebranding tool that empowers you with all required to create and maintain several brands for your software. It supports a wide range of development platforms such as C/MFC, .NET, Java, Delphi and even databases. You don't need source

LabelMee Rebrander  v.7 1

LabelMee software rebrand tool helps you to create new brands from existing application in a several clicks. It supports C++/MFC, .NET, Java, Delphi and web applications and doesn't require your application source code.

Excitic Website Localization Tool

Excitic is a powerful website localization tool that empowers you with all means required to create and maintain multilingual sites. It extracts localizable resources from your website and makes it easy to translate, check and preview translations. When

Excitic Localizer  v.7 1

Excitic is a website localization and translation tool that helps you to create and manage multilingual websites. It shortens translation time, keeps website translation up-to-date and hides all technical details from editors and translators.

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