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Scientific American  v.

This third party app follows Scientific American on Facebook to retrieve the latest news from the scientific


Follow MATLAB on Facebook through this third party app, and see the cool projects involving MATLAB and Simulink, and also get tips and tricks on the products! (This app requires the phone to have access to Facebook to work

Jeremy Lin  v.

Follow Jeremy Lin on Facebook through this 3rd party

Grad Connection  v.

Just graduated and looking for a job? Follow GradConnections for the latest grad programs! Now on your Windows Phone through this 3rd party application. (This app takes data from Facebook, so please make sure you can access Facebook on your

Driving Camera  v.

This app is designed for you to take timelapse shots of the car ride on your next road trip. Just stick the phone on a phone holder, point it out the windows, click the camera button and off you go! Note, for long journeys remember to clear the  v.

Follow deviantART.

Daily Inspiration  v.

Be Inspired! Be Motivated! Follow "Daily Inspiration and Motivation" with this third party app to keep your day motivated! (This app requires Facebook data, please make sure your phone can access Facebook, otherwise the app may not work as

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