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Stupid or Smart Test 4  v.

Level 4 for stupid or smart test has finally been released! We know, its exciting. Level 4 brings with it loads of more fun and challenges, but be careful; JSAI Devs is not responsible for phones thrown against wall in frustration *Fun for all ages!

Stupid or Smart Test  v.

**Level 3 has just been released! Get it in the market now by searching for "Stupid or Smart Test-Level 3". Level 3 brings with it many brain-twisting puzzles and boatloads of fun! Get it now!** Find out if you are dull or ingenious with this

Remember Logos Pro  v.

*The new update brings tons of new stuff including the all new Remember Slogans. Check it out below!* You see tons of company logos every day, but if you were to put your memory to the test, how many would you actually be able to recognize? A second

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