Software Developed by IntriCAD

Intricad Line Projection Sweeper  v.1.0

The line projector is a software tool that makes it possible to use a projector or beamer instead of a laser for making GRASP 3D scans. By projecting a moving line it also allows to scan objects in a semi automated manner.

Intricad JIG 3D  v.

JIG 3D is a simple 3D scene publisher that uses O3D. It allows you to easily import and create a 3D interactive scene for your 3D model for display in a web browser.

Intricad GRASP 3D Scanner  v.1.0

GRASP 3D is a 3D topographic scanner that allows you to scan in objects in 3D using a video camera, a laser line that is swept over the object by hand and some basic materials. Its technology is easy to use with minimal reliance on hardware.

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